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  1. I have been using Fedora 8 x86_64 on my desktop for a week or two now and I love it. Besides a few random glitches, which I will probably work out, everything seems to work fine. It seems to be quicker to boot and to load programs such as firefox as compared to Fedora 7. I don't regret the switch at all. Fedora rocks.
    Do you think there's any advantage to the 64 bit version. Can you see / feel that there's any difference?


    I run an AMD x2 64 4800+ With 4GB Ram and SATA2 Hdd's, I find 64bit to be the same or a little faster on most things, but a lot faster at extraction. I also do a lot of transcoding, mostly my DVD collection to harddrive storage, this is a lot faster. It does use more memory than 32bit, but still not filled 4GB. Fedora 8 64bit seems much smoother and more responsive than Fedora 7 64bit was. I am thinking of building up an old machine as a myth-box, but really wondering if I should use a motherboard I have and go 64bit with a cheap AMD cpu. I was really that impressed with it. Also running the new Opera 9.5 x86_64, I find this to be faster when browsing (could be the new 9.5 version as well though).


    Lot of opinions on this, some say its not worth it. I say though if you apply the same logic they do, we'd still be on 8bit CPU's. If you have the hardware, not wanting for memory (2GB+) and most of your Apps are available as 64bit, then its worth updating. I wouldn't rush out and buy a new computer to go 64bit though.

  2. Most hosts will simply do an OS re-install. A lot will charge you for it. If your doing iptables work on a remote server, it can be a good idea to add a crontab entry to disable iptables say every 30 minutes while you are testing and making the rules. Have made that mistake once myself, my host had a nice remote OS install option though, and iptables is one of the first things i setup, so luckily it didn't cost me anything.

  3. Wondering who's using Fedora 8 here at Linux-Noob. How is it working out for you? I'm running it on a Toshiba laptop and so far it's awesome. Even have Compiz-Fusion working!


    I'm using Fedora 8, the x86_64 version. Its the best version so far. The install worked fine. The only issue I had was after an update, pulse audio refused to work, however that was sorted with a little guidance from the fedora forums.

    Features I love so far are Pulse Audio, GNOME 2.20, Java ICE TEA plug-in and since I got some updates the distro has a whole seems a lot more responsive. I have turned Compiz-Fusion off, I found it to be slow but I suspect that is more an Nvidia series 8 issue (not tried since updating to the new Nvidia beta driver). I'm not regretting updating from Fedora 7 one bit. For a bleeding edge distro, this will be the 4th version I've found to work with my hardware out of the box. I'm very impressed.

  4. Do you have an on-board sound card? Could be causing the problem in Linux. I know windows drivers for that card are bad anyway (I have the very same card). To fix in Linux, I had to disable my on-board sound card in the Bios (A certain Linux kernel would detect the On-Board card and change the sound card order). As for Windows, the best advice is to use the Microsoft drivers, as the creative one gave me a lot of trouble.


    also see what Linux lists as audio controllers. (Not used Ubuntu for over 12 months, but should work)


    sudo lspci | grep audio


    Also, do your speakers have an auto power off mode, I used to own a set of Cambridge sound works which would auto power down, and for 80% of the time power back up just fine. Every now and again though, nothing. Sounds silly, but worth checking out.

  5. Been a while since I posted here. From the first days with Fedora Core 4, now 100% Linux. Haven't looked back. Thought it would be nice to drop a later screen shot, some of my old ones look a little dated, and erm.. did I really make my Linux look like Mac-OS :o





    I made the move to Fedora 8 x86_64. Still love the Fedora, and Linux in general.


    Icons from Gnome-Look, background from deviant art. I have to admit its a vista type theme, but only because I like the Black menu bar, but not dark or black windows.

  6. Just got anywebs email, sorry for not logging in, since I upgraded to FC6 and opera I simply forgot, I have been visiting as a guest ;)


    Anyway, FC6 is amazing, and I've not booted windows for 12 months since installing fc4 (then 5 now 6), I have vmware / wine for the two windows apps I still use (ftp-rush under wine and nokia phone software on vmware) but here is my fc6 desktop, just to let you know the help i got in the beginning from here and the fedora forums really helped..





  7. all from Gnome-look


    Cool desktop. I like it :)


    If you want it to be even more Mac-like, you can switch the window control buttons the Mac OS way round. Press Alt-F2 and enter gconf-editor and run it. Go to apps > metacity > general. Find button_layout in the list and change it to:




    Still, like the desktop :).


    Thanks, never heard of that gconf-editor before, had to install it, even more things to mess about with.

  8. It was as simply as installing cedega (after paying for it) and typing cedega SteamInstall.exe


    Just waiting for it to download the games, once thats done I'll get you some more screen shots.


    edit: Having problems with ATI drivers, it works but its a little slow on my machine.

  9. Since I got so much info from this great site, thought I show a screen shot off Steam downloading games on Fedora Core 5 using Cedega 5.2.3..




    Was easy to do so far, apart from remembering my username and password.

  10. I spent ages trying to get my wireless card to work in linux, but was a lot of messing around without access to the net. In the end I just bought another router, got a 3rd party fireware upgrade for my linsys and have the 2 routers connect to each other.


    I also live in an old stone house with 2ft thick walls, I find the two routers do a much better job, never loose signal now.

  11. Well hello all,


    been looking round the forum last few days, been a long time user of windows and thought I'd give Fedora Core 4 a go..

    got a few tips off here and now I finally got new firefox installed, its time to say hello all :)

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