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  1. No, it's 32-bit Vista Home Premium. I don't have the time or motivation to dig up XP drivers for this thing, and Vista runs decently well on it. I just need it for certain programs I use for school, I'd like to use Linux for everything else.
  2. I have an ASUS f8VA. When it came, all I wanted to do was install SuSE 11 on it. It took me hours of scouring forums and rebooting and re-burning what I thought were corrupt DVD images, when I learned that I needed to change the IDE setting in my BIOS to "compatibility mode" instead of "enhanced mode". The problem is that when I reboot into Windows, I first need to change the BIOS back into enhanced mode. The same goes for Linux: I need to change BACK to compatibility mode in the BIOS and reboot AGAIN to start Linux. From what I can gather, this is because of problems with Linux and SATA.
  3. I'm having a problem with my external hard drive and SuSE 10.3 . It's a 320 gig hdd in an enclosure running to my USB so I can run it from one laptop to another without any major issues. It's formatted to NTFS and SuSE will read it just fine. It just won't write a dang thing to it. The way I see it, there are a few possible solutions: Solution 1: Format to FAT32. This would be very effective at solving my problem, but it would erase all my data and split my drive into a bunch of tiny little partitions. I don't want to format my drive because I don't want to lose anything. Solution 2:
  4. kabifff

    I installed a bunch of Linuxes on my windows and since now I'm a 1337
  5. Before you read any further, make sure you have the proper repositories installed (unless you're using SuSE 10.3 with the one click install.Then don't worry about it.). The following information assumes you've already added them. Click your corresponding version to get them added: SuSE 10.0 SuSE 10.1 SuSE 10.2 SuSE 10.3 Once you've done that, click on your respective version of SuSE to get everything you need installed! Suse 10.0 SuSE 10.1 SuSE 10.2 SuSE 10.3
  6. I'm sure many, many Linux programs will create an ISO out of a file, providing your media can handle it. If you make an 8,756 MB ISO, you may have quite a time getting that onto a DVD, so you might want to split it between two discs and then setup a basic install file that would say "please insert second disc" when appropriate. Something like an ISO shrinker MIGHT work, but be careful with that, if that's stripping data from a windows image, you might have disastrous and/or entertaining results. Keep us posted.
  7. kabifff


    Is there a repository you can connect to to maybe expedite this process? That makes things about 45643262 times easier. Maybe there's an APT package instead. You're in the right place for help, don't give up!
  8. This sounds awesome, this will for sure cement my ub3r l337ness. Ladies, take a number. There's enough kabifff for everyone!
  9. Wow, talk about a dry board, the last three threads were started by me and span 4 months! Well, onwards! I installed SuSE 10.3 the day it was released and I haven't looked back, but I was a little disappointed in the ease of setup for Compiz-Fusion and wireless using NDISWrapper. To get Compiz-Fusion installed, I first downloaded the One-Click installer (links to KDE installer only, Gnome installer can be found here ) from OpenSuse.org and (obviously) ran it. Immediately, I hit my first snag, and it took me forever to realize that for whatever reason, it didn't download any of the XGL pa
  10. kabifff

    SuSE 10.3!

    Has anybody had a chance to play with SuSE 10.3 yet? I'm stoked that it came out but I'm on a slower broadband connection so I've had to wait for it to download. Also, is it possible to upgrade my other SuSE system with the online updater in the system settings panel? Or would I still need to use a CD/DVD? It has a broken cd drive, that's why I ask. Click here to get SuSE 10.3!
  11. It's hot, but not as humid as Minnesota. I love it.
  12. I'm in Spain right now and I was wondering if there were any members near or in Madrid. Post with a response on where you're from!
  13. I reformatted my windows partition and reinstalled, and all of a sudden I can't boot my beautiful SuSE! Help me please! How do I get my bootloader back? I leave for Spain in less than a day and I want to get this fixed ASAP!
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