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  1. Right, finally run the advanced re-naming tool in Gnome Commander but it don't do what I want it to do. I was hoping that this would rename a load of files from 0001, 0002, 003 to date_event_001, date_event_002, date_event_001 etc Still pretty useful tho. I'm off to google to search for another but if anybody knows of an application that would do this, would appreciate to know what it is! Cheers
  2. That wouldn't install in root for some reason, so I went to find the RPM for this (didn't think to do that first) and I tried to install it via terminal following the rpm command (cd'ed to location then rpm -ivh file.rpm and that didn't work :S ) so then I just double clicked it, entered roots password and it worked! Didn't think that RPM's worked that way, it then just showed up under accessorys. Thanks for your help! I am trying to rtfm as much as I can before posting, but some things I just can't find Cheers for your help!
  3. Thanks for that anyweb. Still one other issue. After doing ./configure the following error comes up: ...................checking for xgettext... /usr/bin/xgettext checking for catalogs to be installed... ca cs de el en_CA en_GB es eu fr ga hr hu nb ne nl no pa pl pt pt_BR ru rw sk sq sr sr@Latn sv uk zh_CN zh_TW checking if glib >= 2.0.0 exists... ./configure: line 21831: pkg-config: command not found configure: error: no Any idea's of what that is? Also once you have installed a program, where does it appear? How do you confirm that it has been installed etc? Thanks :)
  4. I've downloaded gnome-commander-1.1.7.tar.gz from http://www.nongnu.org/gcmd/ which is a file manager program. To install I have done; Downloaded to desktop then cut & past it to my home folder (I didn't know where else to install it ) Then I did; cd /home/mizzy tar -xvzf gnome-commander-1.1.7.tar.gz cd gnome-commander-1.1.7 ./configure && make && checkinstall After the last step, I get this error message in terminal: checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes checking for gawk...
  5. Cheers for this! Thanks again znx
  6. Will check that out in a bit, cheers. Anybody know of a appz that will auto re-name every file though?
  7. Anybody know of a similar kind of software that will work on FC4? I've checked the fuji website, but they only make it for Mac & windoze. With this software, when I connect up a digital camera, I can auto save it and this software makes a folder and re-names each photo to my chosen name or date etc. Would appreciate if anybody could recommend an appz that will work in a similar way Cheers guys!
  8. Boy was that confusing! (to the newbie learner that is ) A days worth of work and I've finally got java on my FC4, boy, never wanna go thru all that again, my heads still spinning Thanks for this post guys
  9. Cheers anyweb, will check that out sometime I would just like to add... The above error only occurs when I sign in as a user account (this error doesn't come up when I sign in as root) Any idea's why? It's got me baffled
  10. Not too sure what the above problem, but when I re-installed it (wanted to partition it off differently) it stopped the error. Linux is finally up and running properly! Not put many appz on it yet, will do that in time. ...and I'm loving what I'm seeing! Thanks to linux noob, wouldn't have done it without reading the posts on here!
  11. Yay! Connected Had to put the ip addy & hostname in under network thingy mebobs
  12. I've gone to internet configuration wizard and that has almost got me connected *feels such a dunce * well I can ping ip address, just not address. Trying to figure out my hostname next
  13. Is it possible that I need a driver? have been onto google, still can't find what i need to get connected
  14. Please bear with me, complete noob to linux Just loaded FC4 for the first time las night. First mission is to get it connected to the net My laptop hasn't got a network card init (yet) but for the moment I am connected via a USB network thing (According to my network configuration, under Hardware, its a Pegasus/Pegasus II USB and yes, its Ethernet). The light on this is flashing, so I know connection is going into there. I've tried pinging in terminal and all I get back is "Network is unreachable". I've also tried the browser, can't connect. I've logged into my
  15. I've installed Fedora Core 4 for the first time. Appears to be working fine except for 1 annoying error that comes up everytime I start it. "No Volume Control Elements and/or devices fouond" Any idea's what will fix that?
  16. Ahh brilliant, thanks for that Is a 10gb hard drive too small to put linux onto? Or do I need to uprade that first. If I split it 50/50 would that work?
  17. Wow, thank you for you comprehensive reply! No worries about the eBay software, I've found http://www.auctiva.com/ which is an online solution. So I can still list to eBay, as it's all web based. The only thing that's a bit of a shame is it not running Adobe CS, but there again, Adobe 7.0 is fine for what I need to do Just one other question if I may How much space is needed to operate linux? I'm partitioning the hdd off for it and will still have windows on it (sadly! ) as there are one or two appz that just aren't compatible for windows, but I am looking to make linux my de
  18. Ok, tonight has been the last straw and I want to ditch windows for good! Enough is enough I want to use linux but I haven't got a clue where to start. I would say that I'm a intermediate PC user. The only problem that I fear, is that I won't be able to get some of my appz to work on linux I want to be able to run.. Turbo Lister (eBay) Firefox Dreamweaver Adobe Photoshop CS Flash FTP (Or a similar FTP program, not fussed) Thunderbird (again not fussed, any good'un will do) Limewire (Possibly) Frontpage (or a similar simple html editor) ICQ MSN Winamp Daemon Tools
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