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  1. hatebred

    Im back.....

    been along time.. but i found my way back. hello to all from the past that are still around... <@lit> Hi!
  2. how many registered users have $5 in thier pocket? think aboiut it....
  3. Thanks for putting this up anyweb, i hope down the road i can contrubite more.
  4. TTCP - How to check network transfer speeds. .:H A T E B R E D:. DESCRIPTION Ttcp times the transmission and reception of data between two systems using the UDP or TCP protocols. It differs from common ``blast'' tests, which tend to measure the remote inetd as much as the network performance, and which usually do not allow measurements at the remote end of a UDP transmission. - From the man page Now you know what it does here is a few ways to use it on your network to test transfer speed. First we will start ttcp in reciv
  5. How to shape ADSL traffic with linux. .:H A T E B R E D:. So you have gotten a dsl connection setup with your linux box, now what? The basics: Your ADSL connection is broken down like this: ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line) Digital communication over telephone lines, as the term PPPOE (point to point protocol (dial-up) over ethernet)). Asymetric means that one side is greater than the other, ie your modem will download faster than it will upload. On adverage a dsl upload is 128KB/s and a large packet is considered to be 1500 bytes. In essence this means you can upload 12
  6. i like the first one, but maybe with a question mark on tux's chest
  7. this is pretty cool anyweb. very clean and it works (imangine that). keep up the good work. i've never used a forum but seeing as how this one belongs to you i just might be able to find a reason to check it out everyday.
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