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  1. ok I can't access some sites such as google.com
  2. yay it's working. My friend told me that I needed the linux source to be in that one dir so I downloaded that and when I installed the dev tools it put the source in there so I had two. I just deleted the one I donwloaded and it compiled. Then I did what Guest_Dave ( ) said and now it works! Yay! Thanks for all the help.
  3. yes I believe that's what it's in beta
  4. have you tried looking in the messages you get and see if maybe there is a clue? I don't know anything about installing BF servers. I've only installed a Steam/CS server in linux.
  5. ok that worked....kinda....here's the messages
  6. ok I'm going back and installing development tools. A friend of mine said that's what I needed. So we shall see if it works. Thanks for all of your help so far.
  7. I just installed Red Hat 9. I'm trying to install my network card driver. Here is what the readme says:
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