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  1. okay.. i cant seem to have the knowledge to use the IRC thing.. never heard of it before... any chance i could speak to u via IM. If you can... add me at alive.in.an.ultra.world@googlemail.com thanks
  2. sorry how do i access that :S thanks for your help
  3. I have spent the last month trying to upgrade to XP but my computer just wont let me... i have tried XP home, Xp proffessional and MCE and they all give me stop out errors when i ride the CPU to a point or run the computer for about an hour. Converting to Linux was my last attempt before going back to ME. It seems my computer is set in to only run ME however I ran linux for a long time whilst running the CPU up and i didnt get any stop outs. I was running Fedora Core 5 but i got errors when trying to install anything.. including opening the install program.. i did some googling and found
  4. Hi I fully installed Ubuntu Breezy onto my computer as my Windows ME seemed to fail on me. I tried to work in Ubuntu but found it to difficult and I stumbled across the Recovery Disk and Master Disks to restore my system back to ME. I ran these disks and after the remastering has finished.. upon loading the hard drive.. i get GRUB trying to load up. I get about 2 minutes of "GRUB GRUB" running down my screen and then eventually "GRUB FAILED". Does anyone know how to get rid of the grub system. I have tried formatting my hard drive via the Restore disk and then ran the remastering but
  5. Thanks man I'll have a look at this now.. I have been experiencing some wierd things happening when I try to install anything. I get an error message saying: unable to receive software information... i get this also if i try to acces the add/remove programs tool. I have tried to install mplayer through yum and that fails too. thanks
  6. Hi I have just installed Fedora Core 5 and I am starting off with trying to get myself connected to the internet using my Netgear WG311t wireless adapter. I probably couldn't be much more of a linux noob right now although Fedora does appear to be rather friendly. I have been frantically googling to find me some drivers but all links i find seem to be dead Please help me Bruce
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