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  1. HI. My lapotop has no floppy, no cd-rom, no network, can't boot from usb. So my only way is installing from dos using Loadlin.exe. While in windows, i created a) 4.5gb ext.2 partition for Slackware 500mb swap linux partition c) temporary 2gb fat32 partition - i extracted there contents of both 2 installation .iso files (10.2 version) - so that it would be accessible from dos and from setup. Here's what i did: 1) I copied bzimage file to c:\ (c is fat32). I took bzimage file from BareAcpi.I directory on cd1 2) I copied initrd.img file to c:\ from \isolinux direcotry on cd1 3)Start Win98, At the very beginning press F8, and choose "command prompt only" 4) Started Loadlin, using this command: loadlin.exe c:\bareacpi\bzimage initrd=c:\initrd.img root=/dev/ram rw load_ramdisk=1 Here is what i get: ..... ... .. Uncompressing Linux... invalid compressed format (err=1) --System halted I took this parameters from some guide on loadlin. I also tried some other parameters, but notheing works. I'm newbie in linux. PLEASE HELP ME.
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