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    I found konqueror.kde.org/faq which said the following about how to change the start page: Start Konqueror with the "Web Browser" button, open the page that you want to be loaded in any new "Web Browser" window, and select "Save View Profile Web Browsing" in the Window menu. To have Konqueror start up with no page loaded (as it did in KDE 2.0), use "about:blank". Still doesn't work. Got it. When desperate, follow directions.
  2. gran

    2 problems

    My old computer (667 megahertz), running Win 98se, keeps freezing while surfing so my son loaded Mandrake 9.2 to check if the problem was hardware or software. Freezing continued -- in fact started freezing even off the Internet, even freezes in KDE Help, for pete's sake. But I like this linux and want to try using it. I want to change my start page so went to Settings then Configure Konqueror then typed in a new home URL. Yes, pressed Apply and OK but same old start page persists. Any suggestions appreciated.
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