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  1. thanks anyweb, you bailed me out again
  2. I recently changed my display adapter in an attempt to change my refresh rate, well now x doesnt want to boot, and says i have a bad display adapter selected, which i probably do. I only know how to change the adapter from Desktop>Display in KDE, but i can only boot up to run level 3 until i get my adapter reset. Does anyone know where to start? i assume there is a config file somewhere that needs to be changed. But i cant find it.
  3. gobblox

    A unique setup

    Looks like gdm will work. thanks for the direction, ill try it tonight when i get home, *looks* fairly straight forward.
  4. gobblox

    A unique setup

    I built and set up a pc for the sole purpose of displaying video on a TV either off the hard drive or LAN. The idea is to have maximum "couch friendlyness", so that you never have to use the keyboard, and only a wireless mouse. Which isnt a very difficult task, excecpt for the login you complete after a boot. While the user could just leave it on (its a fairly stripped down low power system), at some point or another it will need to be rebooted by the user. Is there a way to automattically login a user with very limited rights if no action is taken in a certain amount of time? or perhaps automatically unless a certain combination of buttons are pressed at boot time? I havent done much looking around on the subject yet, but the first 3 google searches didnt turn anything up, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I'm currently running FC5 on my test box, but if someone thinks another distro would work out better I'm all ears. The idea is for non-linux users to use it, so any kind of preparation i can do for them is good. Another alternate idea that would solve this problem, is if there were a way to have the bottom of the screen display a keyboard so the user could click letters into textboxes like many pda's allow this would give a kind of failsafe if a user wants to poke around beyond playing videos and doesnt want to bust out a keyboard or otherwise ends up where they shouldnt be. My post turned into a short novel, thanks for getting this far
  5. I dont see noob as derogotory, it just means you dont have a clue whats going on. so if you call yourself a noob your basically saying "I'm helpless here, some one help me" In counter strike i hear it alot, where i pretty much means "your sucking because you havent spent 200 hours playing yet, and everyone else here has, dont feel too bad about it" which fits in well with the more common uses of noob in that they need help to get better
  6. i keep getting these emails from a sender whose name is a different string of alpha numerics with one word subject lines, for example Sender: fle43jj@(some random working website) Subject: wholesome text: Fly over tv very I assume its automated, as it makes no english sense, but what is it for? just to test if the mail actually made it to a mailbox or not so they can send me spam for their penis growth pills? does anyone have any idea what these are trying to accomplish?
  7. Yes, that fedora core 5 extras thread is very nice work anyweb, i completed all of the actions described in it, and am now going back over it to better understand what exactly i just did. I was under the impression that i was better off compiling most of my programs because I am running x86_64, and most of the rpms i see are for i386, which although they usually work, from my limited understanding, it seems like this could cause some problems, even if they dont manifest themselves immediatly. am i mistaken? or does it not matter in the majority of cases?
  8. I solved my own problem, ill post the solution so anyone can read it, and i can refer to this later if i need to If you find your system doesnt want to compile the code : goto http://rpm.greysector.net/mplayer/ and find latest/ appropiate rpm goto http://rpm.greysector.net/greysector-pubkey.txt and save the file its easiest to put them both in same path in console type su- (goto path of ...pubkey.txt) rpm --import ...pubkey.txt yum install mplayer-gui or if you want onlywant command line version yum install (mplayer package name) there are a few libraries required for Mplayer, which i installed earlier, but i dont remember them all, they were all refered to in links less than 3 deep on the first few results in google with the search "mplayer" Anyweb: No, actually i did not see that, thanks for the great link, and thread though, now my solution looks kind of silly, but ill leave it anyway, i didnt see your post until after i posted. thanks a million anyway anyweb, sorry to bother you again
  9. I've been using FC5, and despite my best efforts for a few weeks cannot get it to play the major video formats (XviD etc). The only thing keeping me from never using windows again, and forcing myself to really sink my teeth into linux is my inability to get videos to play. Is there a distro that comes preloaded with things like Mplayer, (or anything with XviD and DivX support)? apparently FC5 cant compile most programs without some pretty serious custumization, something to do with not supporting X11, or gcc 3.X. , which, curiously, i cant find anywhere for x86_64 systems BTW; I'm a total nooblet, I might need to be spoken too like im a child if your giving any advice
  10. In order to install some drivers for my system i need to run a few commands in the terminal. However the program it boots wont do its thing if X is active. Im running Fedora core 5, and it just boots right into x which takes my user information and loads a desktop. I tried using the commandline in X without booting KDE, but it still wouldnt do it, it wants no X at all. How do i get Fedora to boot a Terminal w/ out booting X? Do i need some command line parameters in my GRUB?
  11. Situation Updated: I removed my ide cable from my linux drive, to see if windows would boot, it did, which leads me to believe my GRUB was located on my ide drive. Now I assume its booting off of my original SATA drive. My idea was to simply remove and replace my ide cable as needed to control which os would boot. However it seems that my computer refers to my SATA drive to boot now, which just boots windows. How would i give priority to my IDE drive in Bios? right now it is a Slave on the primary IDE cable
  12. I Installed Fedora Core 1, and when it asked me what other os's i wanted in the GRUB list at start up. For reasons not completely clear to me, i just put Fedora on there, which boots fine. Now how do i get my windows xp on the list?
  13. Im sure everything was cabled right, and my bios was set up to boot from the disk. I think it was because of the unusual place in Windows set up that i was forced to simply turn the power off in to reboot was what was making it not boot off of any Boot disks. However I Called Tech support and they gave me a new product id#. So windows is running, and not preventing boot disks from booting. Problem solved. Now, if you would be so kind, I need to know how you think i should partition my hard drive before i spend too much time setting up all my windows drivers and things. right now i have a 140odd some gb partition for windows, and a 20 gb partition i naively thought i would put fedora on. right now i plan to put fedora on that 20 Gb partition on the end of the drive, but i also read that you might want to put the kernel in a different partion than the rest of fedora things, and that you should have a partion for your swapfile. How does this set up sound to you (sizes approximate, rounded figures) Start of drive (140 GB storage, and windows space) (3Gb swapfile (3xRam) in the middle) (17Gb Fedora files?) End of drive Should i split the 17Gb into a little one for the kernel the the rest for (i dont even know)? is it posible to make another partition out of that 140GB one smaller, so i can devote more to fedora with out completely reinstalling windows?
  14. Im hoping it will boot from the Fedora disk once I DL and burn it, but I'm pretty sure it wont boot off of it now. In bios I not only bumped the CD drive above the HDD and tryed 2 other boot disks (which both were skipped by windows in its attempt to install) i completely removed my hdd from my boot process and it still boots off of my hdd. But time will tell (about 6 hours left on fedora core dl) I'll try calling MS with my problem, but based on my email support i got, i dont expect much. Thanks for the reply, reading a voice that isnt mine screaming in my head helped calm down quite a bit. (edit: It is an OEM key being used with a OEM version of windows. I believe it was the same key that was used on the first install)
  15. Im really gonna need some help here if im not gonna end up paying another $150 to Microsoft FOR MY THIRD GODDAMN COPY OF WINDOWS. Basically, my windows computer was OEM, i won it at a raffle, and someone set it up like a complete jackass. In light of this, and the fact i was completely overwhelmed with spyware, adware, and trojans, i decided to reformat my drive and reinstall. Pretty basic, shouldnt have been a problem. It wasnt, until it asked for my Product code, which I have, right on the side of the box (i never got a sheet of paper, but it shoudl be the same right?), and windows just says invalid cdkey or something like it. now when i boot with ANY boot disks, in the drive, even when i take the hard drive off of bios for booting, IT STILL GOES TO WINDOWS WHERE IT REJECTS BOTH MY LEGIT KEYS. Im downloading the Fedora core right now, but ive got a feeling i wont be able to do anything with it once i get it, since this goddamn windows installer overrides anyother boot disk i put in my comp. In sum: I had a version of windows freaking out on me so bad i had to reformat my drive, then it wouldnt let me install it, even though i rightfully own TWO copies of windows. Now this is the kicker, now i cant install any other OS, so im left with a really fancy box that M$ has taken a big old shit on. I'm about to tear my hair out, when i asked M$ support (with one of my two free tech supports) they just told me i cant install my windows on two computers. BULLSHIT, they didnt even bother to read my whole email, besides, this freshly formatted harddrive was never on the internet, and previously had this windows on it. there is no way this computer would be aware of another computer that used that key, EVEN if there were one, which there isnt. Im getting allittle of topic here, and just venting my INFINATE FRUSTRATION, but if anyone could give me some advice that would help me get out of this hole (so i can boot off a Fedora disk and if you could, tell me how to deal with my product id problem so i could do a dual boot.) Thanks to anyone who read my whole POST OF ANGER!
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