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    Hi all

    Amiga used to rock!. Wonder why it disappear.
  2. These guys are feeling like the vista has not the impact they think it will have. http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/ope...until_2007.html I red somewhere that vista is getting short on the amount of copys sold. heh
  3. Yaravi

    What's up

    Asterisk or trixbox formelly known as asterisk at home convine with freepbx are systems to manage inbound or outbound calls. Like a PBX (phone system). www.trixbox.org www.asterisk.org www.freepbx.org didnt you know about this?
  4. I picked Yaravi because it is my name. It is a very weird name I know. It means melancholic songs in Inca. the Incas were a prehispanic culture in southamerica.
  5. Yaravi

    What's up

    I would be a good idea to have a asterisk / trixbox section. It is a well growing community and technology arount asterisk. It would be a good idea to have a section for support and that stuff. what do you think?
  6. Yaravi

    What's up

    Hi everyone. I work for a French / japanese company. I am the infraestructure administrator for the northamerica division which means 3 production plants; 2 in the US and 1 in Mexico, and 1 research and development site. I used to use linux back in the late 90s and early 2000. I started using RH and mandrake a long long time ago. I started setting up mail servers with sendmail and cache servers using squid. Right now I started to use linux again (ubuntu) but it is a completely new world. Hope to understand well everything. thanks.
  7. Hi all. Is there any program/application that emulates or act like the MMC (microsoft management console) on ubuntu 7.04? Right now I'm using ubuntu 7.04 and a windows XP on a vmware server because there are a few thing I just cant get rid off. Like Lotus notes 6.5.4 that I cant find the linux version anywhere, HYENA that allows me to connect to my servers running NT ( yes NT) using VNC (this is a nice application because I can connect to any computer on my network remotely because what it does is with your administrator rights it copys the VNC application and configure it), and the MMC t
  8. Dell all the way. For me is the best brand because Dell has a excellent support team. And in my work we need good quality in response for guaranty.
  9. Do you know where i can find those cards?
  10. I think you will know how to solve this issue i have. I have a large network with a lot of computers in a building. I have cops and cameras but i dont have a method to attach the computer in the desk. This is because i have a problem with missing computers (someone is stealing) and i want to know if theres a method or a security system to prevent that an equipment doesnt go far of a range. something like shops that if you go out with a thing that you forget to pay for a system will beep. thank you.
  11. Okei heres my problem. This user from my lan needs to send some files over a dial up network outside the lan but when he dial up and estabilish a connection with the remote computer the local computer lost the local area connection (lan), network drivers are disconnected and that stuff. Isnt there a option on the modem properties to specify that when a dial up connection is estabilish do not lost the connection with the lan?
  12. yes i was just requesting the path to join efnet and i found irc.vel.net. I'm always around undernet.
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