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  1. yes - I would switch immediately if I had not invested so much time already into apache/php/mysql/ruby/rails/svn/firefox/multimedia/nfs/samba/cups/postfix/dovecot/spamassassin/freshclam/groups/permissions/rsync/cron to name but a few... I "thought" I was very careful to install the 32-bit version of FC6 on my 64-bit machine, but I must have swapped the disks inadvertently... next server will definitely be 32-bit unless the java/flash issues get fixed soon...
  2. ... here I am stuck in X86_64 land... and I'm getting a "Java not found' error when I launch Thunderbird after installing spamato... when I go to the extension's preferences to specify my java, I notice that it requires a version > 1.5, while my java (gjc) returns a "java" version number Is there a 1.5 version that will run in FC6 x86_64? - and on a related note, is it possible to run a 32 bit browser, so as to be able toi run flash, on fc6 x86_64, and how? :-)
  3. Great post - Thanks, anyweb! I have an FC6 64 bit system - I thought I installed the 32 bit OS on my machine, but after it was all said & done, there it was, in 64 glorious bits, and the challenges started. Mostly, it's the flash plugin and freenx that I really miss. I followed along the post otherwise: - the repositories work great if you substitute x86_64 for i386 in their paths (the rpm commands) - there's no 64-bit flash plugin - if you want to run flash on your 64-bit system, I think you need to install a 32-bit browser... - the JDK that downloads from Sun does not have a 6
  4. I am running 64-bit FC6 on it. the funny thing is, I really miss freeNX from my old FC5 box, but a search in yum says it's not there. Is there a way to install a 32-bit version and if so wherewould I find it since yum seems to think it does not exist?...
  5. Aha - thank you. So the space "inside" the extended win95 partition is actually availabel for additional partitions? - That might work just fine, then.
  6. Hi; I'm a rank beginner, and I just notice that all our Poweredge servers, which came with RedHat installed, have these huge Win95 partitions on the disk, that appear to be doing nothing. - Is there a purpose to these partitions? Are they something that is used somewhere, or should they be removed? - If they're supposed to do somethign, what is it, and how do I do it? - If they don't do anything, is there an easier way than simpy repartitining the disk & startign from scratch? - Is reiserfs as good as it sounds? (tangentially related, but I thought I'd sneak that one in...)
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