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  1. resembles a kde desktop tho.... or, a windows xp customized theme... microsoft is allll about the money
  2. resembles a KDE desktop like, my mandriva '06 and i have xp, and downloaded "Style XP" ...and all vista looks like is an xp with a souped up theme...still love my linux doubt if i dish out the money for another OS from microsoft, xp has been out for yrs and the pro is still 300 dollars +....
  3. I've got the same card, and nothing is muted, and I have to plug my speakers into the Blue port (subwoofer?) and I hear some sound, but its really distorted and alot of static in it, but when I plug the speakers into the normal port its supposed to be in, the green one, I get nothing, I had problems with old soundcard, now I'm having problems with what is supposed to be a popular soundcard...
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