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  1. Ah... But I'd like to keep the binding, yet have it nonfunctional within one of my games. Heh... would the best way to do that be to simply run the game without a window manager?
  2. When you chose to become root you MUST use this su - The - indicates the addition of superuser PATH's etc (as before!). This will let you "see" the useradd binary. Ahh, thank you very much, znx! Of course, I'll have to reinstall Fedora to do this, I thought it was a problem with my install or something, so I deleted the partitions Here's another question, this time about Gnome. Is there a way to have a particular application grab ALL keyboard/mouse shortcut combos when it's got focus? Specific example being: Ctrl + Alt + D is grabbed by Gnome, and minimizes all windows. But it's actually a keyboard shortcut for a game I play, and I'd like the game to recieve the keystrokes and not Gnome. How might I go about this?
  3. I will, but why doesn't Fedora see the files in /usr/local/bin when I'm just a regular user?
  4. Well, I decided to be adventurous and install something from source. While Fedora's not a source-based distribution, I know, I've found some things work better when compiled from source. Specifically, I'm speaking of Wine, which I decided to compile from source from someone's recommendation. I downloaded the source tar.gz, extracted it, followed the directions to install, and it seemed to work perfectly. Unfortunately, after the installer copied all the compiled files to their default directories, I couldn't get Wine to work as a normal user. As root, no problem, but as a user, it refused to work. When I found the executables, I found they'd been put in /usr/local/bin. That seems right, because I read or heard somewhere that it's the default directory for compiled software, or something like that. But it doesn't seem to be working for me. So what should I be doing or changing here? And also, just randomly, why is there no useradd utility?
  5. Well. I've gone and done it now. While none of you are familiar with my history concerning Linux and various distros, I've been using them off and on for the past ten, maybe eleven years. And a year or so ago, I promised myself--promised, I tell you!--that I wouldn't go back to using Linux. So many things just aren't the familiar 'Bindows' feel. But then there's the aspect of learning more about something that I find interesting, and that is something I just cannot resist. So, I've gone and done it again... gone back to Linux. But this is my first time joining any sort of support forum, so perhaps I'll have more luck this time around. Woe is me, I'm losing my mind... Anyway, I'm here, saying hi to all of you strangers (Hi there.) and hoping that any issues I have I'll be able to find the answers to. Here's for luck and insanity!
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