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  1. thanks man.. i was thinking how could i upgrade it with swaret but i fortog to set on 10.2 in conf is this upgrade with swaret exectly like fresh install of 10.2 ?
  2. thanks i hate updated/upgrades
  3. zepcom thanks, simple solution and totaly kul one
  4. Hi I would like to know if there is any chance to upgrade my server from slack 10.1 to 10.2 without reinstalling the whole thing.
  5. Hi I would like to know how could i check how long is my internet connection up... Not the system Im using pppoe, with adsl-start command... cu
  6. Hi I wasnt totaly sure where to ask this, under which section, i hope i didnt go under wrong section And im sorry if there is already topic about "top", search doesnt allow to type only 3 letters So my question is how to configure top so that users sees only thiers processes and not from entire system I have shell on freebsd and when i type top i see only my processes. But on my server (slackware 10.1 2.4.29) i see processes for all users... cu
  7. what exectly is /etc/hosts.deny ? i mean what does it do to keep strangers out? Is it simmular to iptables -A INPUT -s ip -j DROP ? cuz i would like that this portsentry blocks in iptables way if it is not 2 hard? cu
  8. xDamox i did but i dont like this part: Generally configured so that blacklisted users still see normal login prompts but are guaranteed to fail to authenticate. When bruteforce is executed on my host it will still take my bandwidth right? When i check logs and look at users who was attempted, im sure that they wont figure the real user not even the password. But i getting laged upon bruteforce, its like a dos for me, cuz i have low upload. So i need something to drop connection, not to just esure that they cant login. cu
  9. thx anyweb... i dont have root allowed to login for few years now... and i have only 4 users on the server. Those who are bruteforcing me never tries the correct user this far... just same strange names (which are in the bruteforce username_file or sth). I will realy change sshd port, i cant see any other solution at this point. oh anyweb your iptables rules rules i tried that rule from FluKex but i dont see the results. root@black:~# ssh faf@my_ip faf@my_ip's password: Permission denied, please try again. faf@my_ip's password: Permission denied, please try again. faf@my_ip'
  10. im looking at /var/log/messages last few days more often and i cannot belive my eyes. Im getting brute forced 5 hours at night from one hosts. But hosts are changing... tek-69, i blocked 10 hosts in 2 days... its pritty hard to follow this hosts and block them as they do that... so lame, so truckin lame
  11. hello, once again me, i have alot of security problems as u see:P this time i would like to know which stuff is the best against brute force on sshd. I found some scripts that adds ip to iptables... but im not sure which one to use... or is there any other way? its is not that i dont like that, its is cool but i would like u to tell your opinion on this one... cu;)
  12. if u have time and pation... i would be greatfull
  13. Hello i would like that u dudez paste any useful iptables rules to protect agains ddos attacks or any other method which works bye
  14. anyweb thanks u wrote very nice tut. there and i am greatfull but i would like to restrict like just one user of 10. So i will check that jail thingie which znx wrote about. thanks to znx too :> Once i tried some jail i think but on the end i just deleted it. I will try to use jail on my laptop fist then when i will manage it i will use it on server, cuz once i did some silly stuff oh it was jailkit thanks, gr8 help ;> znx i will let u know when i will need help with jail probably u will have to show me how to do it.. but first i will check once again, this time slowly
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