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  1. Ok, I have some problems with my java installing and also had some with FC4 and never got my problems solved. First I tried the anywebs extras topic way and it really didn't work out. So I tried the following documents way http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-fc5.html WITHOUT removing the other failed installation. So it could have not probably work anyhow even if it still would for a first installation. So how do I remove those failed installitions so that I can have another try with dan's way?
  2. Thanks anyweb! There is a FN key and the brightness control works really nice with it. Some of the funciontios seem to do nothing at all, but funny little light function above the screen worked and sleepmode also. I'll try to work those other functions out by myself.
  3. Well, I have no idea how to control the brightness of my screen. At evening or night times I would really like to control it because the excess brightness makes my eyes ache. I tried to find some control panel for, but haven't yet found one on my computer. "Blindeeed by the liight "
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