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  1. I have been fed up with windows for quite a while now. When it works it works great, but it only works for about 2 months before I have to re-format . I have Ubuntu on my laptop and I love it, it just plain works. There are a few things that prevent me from completely switching from windows and I was wondering if people could point me to some programs that are similar. I am currently not savvy enough to mess with WINE, so I would like to find Linux alternatives instead of running windows programs through WINE. I will make a short list of programs that I need and hopefully someone can suggest some programs that are similar in Linux. 1) FlashFXP (needs TLS, SSL, Implicit SSL) 2) WinRAR 3) QuickSFV 4) Blowfish encryption for X-chat or other IRC client is also something i need to function. I can't think of any others currently, but FlashFXP is a big one. I really need that and that is the big thing that is preventing me from switching. Any and all comments are welcome, thanks for the help.
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