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  1. Hello. I read through this thread ( https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3277 ) trying to get my 300n card working in Fedora 8 using NDISWRAPPER but fell short and can't tell why. Here are the steps I did in order and with as much detail as possible, but in the end I had no results. Ideas? So I installed NDISWRAPPER v.1.5.2 I downloaded the .inf files from linksys for the 300n and unpacked then in my home directory. One thing that seperated my system from the pointed thread above where I got my howto from, my lsusb gave no real hint it saw the Linksys device. [root
  2. Ok. So yes, there are a few threads out there about sound failures in Fedora Core 5 etc. But I do not believe they are directly the same problem I am having here. Upon "SoundCard Detection" it says it is playing a sound, but I do not hear it. It seems to have all the right info on the card, but to what end if no sound comes out? If I say No I did not hear a sound, I recieve the following error. that particular file says the following. (see Figure: scsound.log) Now the funny thing is, I tried using alsamixer, but to no result. All the channels are at about 50%+ and none of t
  3. Nice Dan. Mind telling me how to undo the changes to yum? I liked my old yum better., -.-
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