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  1. [root@syztem tmp]# rpmextract.sh '/tmp/parted-devel-1.6.22-3.FC4.ppc.rpm' ./usr/include/parted ./usr/include/parted/constraint.h ./usr/include/parted/debug.h ./usr/include/parted/device.h ./usr/include/parted/disk.h ./usr/include/parted/exception.h ./usr/include/parted/filesys.h ./usr/include/parted/geom.h ./usr/include/parted/gnu.h ./usr/include/parted/linux.h ./usr/include/parted/natmath.h ./usr/include/parted/parted.h ./usr/include/parted/timer.h ./usr/lib/libparted.a ./usr/share/aclocal/parted.m4 according that listing, it appears that parted is distributed in library format only ..
  2. noriko


    howdy dudey...lol well, we're all here to help, and be helped anyway, welkome to ln :-)
  3. noriko

    The Dam

    hahahhhahh rofl
  4. noriko

    White Trash

    hahahahahah white trash?... popTrash? lol
  5. noriko

    lo everybody

    yes very lovely avatar... , dude! it's sweet, awesome... , in..kredible..lol .... mkdir /head mount /dev/head1 /head cd /head find | grep brain
  6. noriko

    lo everybody

    Welkome Idan, so tell us... why did you leave? Wind[bl]ows, just curious lol:D Linux is great, been using linux 1.5 years, it was tough to start off. but i'm fairly comfortable, on archlinux ATMo.
  7. you may need to update you pkgconfig paths, the X-devel packages... the includes are usually in /usr/include/X11 so if that dire~ exists you have it installed already, you may need to update them though.. xorg-devel or xorg or somethign alng those lines.. for teh mean time.. you may try.. ./configure --with-x-includes=/usr/include/X11
  8. noriko

    suse graphics problem

    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc.: Unknown device 3344 (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [VGA]) the above line is ur graphics adapter.. u don't appear to have a graphics card plugged in.. so it'd be onboard.. it hasn't detected the device name or model.. that would be og great help.. but i will continue looking into it when i have some time also.. the name / model of the motherboard would be of great help..
  9. welkome to L-N ... my i just say, ubuntu's for noobs.. but u r a newbie.. so it's ok lol and oh.. might i recomend.. not dunping xp until u r .. comfortable here.. mayeb at intermediate level..
  10. umm, umm.. do thine eyes deceive me? there is no option for 'Archlinux' , or at least 'Other' this is utterly disappointing. i hereby declare this poll, void. lol Archlinux is the best imho, pacman is awsome, and abs is a blast. it's teh fastest distro around imho[that i've tried] even faster than a stage 3 gentoo, with most of the apps compiled locally. and it's also non-restrictive, the customizability of gentoo, yet easy enough for those willing to learn. check it out.. www.archlinux.org ____________________________________________
  11. noriko

    suse graphics problem

    hi, well since you think it's a geforce, i'll assume you know you have a geforce card in your box. so here's a guide ot installing teh nvidia proprietary drivers on suse. [nvidia_suse-install_guide | http://www.suse.de/~sndirsch/nvidia-installer-HOWTO.html ] | | [if i'm wrong, and you don't have an nvidia card] what graphics card do you have, or is it onboard. [the_games] what exactly are these errors. (chances are they are related to the graphics drivers.)
  12. noriko


    hi , and welcome to L-N. yes this is a great resource, i can't comment on teh community as i'm not a part of it. maybe if i have more time in the future i will be. but feel free to ask anything you like. i visit here every day, so i can guarantee you an 80% chance of a reply within hours of any of your posts.
  13. noriko

    please drive modem

    i didn't notice that,,, sowweeeee ... that sucks though dude, i had a couple modems that worked a long time ago, with different drivers, I'd send em to ya but unfortunately i donate them both to my school for use in lessons.
  14. noriko

    please drive modem

    well i don't use a modem so i can't help you through this.. however i use archlinux, and we have this package in our repos... i just installed it and it's created /etc/rc.d/slmodem [and] /etc/rc.d/slmodem-alsa so maybe you should try, using slmodem-alsa instead, if it's available for you... just /etc/rc.d/slmodem stop && /etc/rc.d/slmodem-alsa start at a terminal/konsole i also fished up the gentoo guide for installing and configuring this package.. it may also help, i know gentooo's not ur distro, but the gentoo guides are, in my opinion, among th best manuals
  15. noriko

    please drive modem

    i've provided alink ot a downlod page on softpedia.. i ddin't supply a direct download as it's likely that the mirror will change.. instructions on building this module, should accompany it. [untar_with] tar xvfz or ur fav archive manager http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/sl...nload-8718.html
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