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  1. i dunno wtf the new file supposd to be, it seem fukked beyond belief... this mess you may / may not (i believe) seeing on screen is sure to no screens beign configured properly on the new xorg.conf .... try pointing X to the old .. xfree config ... X -config /etc/location_of_config_file ... and oh... upload your xorg log too..... it's at .. /usr/var/log/Xorg.0.log Here's the log. Xorg.0.log.txt I had previously tried to point X to the old XFree config but it doesnt like it. If you look down the bottom of the log, I tried again just so you could see for yoursel
  2. Today I rebuilt my slackbox. I have tried 'X -configure', then starting X with the config it generates, when I do this I get a mess on the screen and the mouse and keyboard do not work. I have my old XF86Config and also the new generated xorg.conf but I'm not sure how to compare them or what to change, as I am still relatively noob. They are as follows:XF86Config.txtxorg.conf.new.txt Any insight into what the problem is would be much appreciated, I'm keen to get this baby up and running! Thanking you... In anticipation...
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