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  1. Okay..... my head is spewing a little smoke with your reply, however I am aware of the pgms you mentioned, just haven't ever used them ........ guess I'lll be do'n a little reading & cfg on them this week during my free time. - Thx for the help AnyWeb
  2. If you set up the linux PC as the router/gateway/firewall and the outside cable connection is connecting to the PC then I assume there is a 2nd NIC that either conencts tot he Sw or the other PC? I got lost in the discussion - as trivia, RR in my areas issues a cable modem during their setup and inturn uses that mac address as a means of identfying the customer. Thus for any reason , which has happened several time do to NIC failures and computer HW changes, nothing network wise is compromised from their standpoint....... - I know this thread is a few days old, but I
  3. Once you start that service does it become automatic upon reboots? sry, I'm a n00b at this....... - and is Putty better/easier than XWin (xfree86.cygwin.com)? as of today I began cfg XWin on my win XP PC, but haven't got it working yet, to connect it to my Red Hat 9 PC (and install WINE to go the other way)
  4. IRT routing, sry I can't offer anything, but the mention of iptables in the response caught my attention...... I'm sure I will be looking in here for some advice on that subject especially if it impacts WINE....
  5. Hello everyone........ glad I stumbled into this place cuz it helped me out a of a jam....... I'm still plugging away with the install but at least its up and running ...... - C U all around - Gnatzter Winged Warrior
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