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  1. Xandros is the only one that's working for me, I hated Solaris 10 and had problems with Suse 10 and they finally fixed some stuff in Xandros 4. Hi Anyweb thanks for the past email to come back here, so Hi I'm back and using Xandros 4.1. So far most of the problems I was having before are fixed by the latest upgrade. Music doesn't hang or lock up and xine is work in and amaork is alive and well. Wish my lighted keyboard was included in that but not. Can anyone tell me how to fix evolution to load and run minimized after boot-up? Thanks and Hello again. Kelly
  2. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/winghawg1/de...jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/winghawg1/de...jpg&.src=ph Number 2 link is our Rv Home and lot. Kelly
  3. Hello everyone, Anyweb thanks for this site, thanks for helping the noobie's such as myself. I am retired trucker, on disability. I love computers, hate windows, beginning to really like Linux. I have been trying many different distro's and have settled on Xandros 4, it's the only one I have been able to get working almost completely. I dumped Solaris 10, it was a horrible experience. I first came here using Suse 10 but even with help I never got mplayer and other programs to work. Since we live in a RV I travel some and take tons of photo's, I love gimp and digikam, super programs.
  4. I am 50 as of 4-15-06. "To fat and old and lazy to practice my ninja skills" Have a Big vicious Wife so don't make her mad. Kelly
  5. I bet NetForce watches him closely.
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    Well thanks, I have had so much trouble getting suse to work I switched to xandros 3.2 after the post, apt is working well for me now and I have mplayer working all most, I get an error trying mov ext but it is playing mp3 for me, so I am getting somewhere at least, nice forum. Thanks for the Welcome. Kelly Xandros 3.2 until 4 is released...... M45 Toshiba Laptop
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    Can yast do that, install from the net? Kelly
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