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  1. guess the hit song ? cheers anyweb Altogether now! Old Mcdonald had a farm, eieioo And on that farm he had a cow..
  2. Asrael, There is a tutorial within the kernel forums on this site to which i have linked to, you may post questions here if you get stuck following it, or you can join us on IRC/Efnet in #linux-noob for some live help. https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52 Hope that helps.. Regards, square
  3. Nice xdamox/znx cool tutorial keep them coming square
  4. What are girls?! heres a pic of znx...
  5. and heres my pic: this is my semi-gangsta look.. apparently...
  6. i also erm.. have like ... 50 invites.. /me wonders if they're even any use anymore...
  7. Well, if the new release includes bug/security fixes, then i think its always a good idea to upgrade, i think the newer version looks better, and a little more updated.. just my 2 cents.. square@efnet
  8. Hey anyweb.. Gentoo is great, i love it.. the ease of using this fine OS is just amazing, the portage is great (packages) i'm gonna write a few other tutorials when i get the time.. things getting very hectic here... for now.. square@efnet
  9. square

    DNS Server?

    hi alan, i always use ns.domain.com and ns2.domain.com and ns3.domain.com etc etc.. you can name them what ever you like.. hope this helps square@efnet
  10. This tutorial is for gentoo.. for a more general/fedora one try this by Jy: https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=694 otherwise for a more gentoo way...carry on reading... before i say any more... i wanna say HI! its been a while since i've spent enough time online to write a tutorial.. but here goes.. i'm using Gentoo 2.6-gentoo-r6 here we go.. First off.. we need to install bind..and bind-tools (for dig/nslookup which we'll use near the end) women root # emerge bind bind-tools this shouldnt take long.. i didnt have any dependencies so it w
  11. 'tis not a problem, every little helps! Come on peeps, get'a donating square@efnet
  12. Not sure if its acutally working, accoridng to the freenet6 website it says this: 301 No more tunnels available The server as reach its capacity limit. On This page: http://www.freenet6.net/draft-tsp.shtml Still waiting for reply from them, i'll keep everyone updated
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