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  1. 1. grep is to me one of the most powerful and useful commands you will find on any version of *nix. 2. I am always trying to figure out how things work. 3. it sounds cool.
  2. Check your BIOS to see if ACPI is enabled. - grep
  3. try nautilus, at the command line type nautilus smb://
  4. maybe we need to add when to the poll as well
  5. Pick one or make your own suggestion. Just trying to get ideas for a possible meeting in the future.
  6. congrats webster and miss_lia.
  7. Linux is all I use for my work and home desktop. It has been my only home OS for the last 5 years. I have no complaints, but I don't game on my pc.
  8. I like to use netstat -ntulp that will show everything that is listening tcp and udp and the ip that it is listening on.
  9. don't be jealous of the mohawk
  10. I decided I would like to listen to my vast mp3 collection from anywhere. I went with shoutcast as I have several friends that use it and it looked like it would serve my needs perfectly. First you need to get the shoutcast source and to send the stream to the shoutcast server you will need to get sc_trans. I read that you can use winamp to stream to shoutcast but I don't use windows or winamp so I used sc_trans. It takes a playlist of mp3s and sends it to the server. The playlist is just a list of mp3s using full paths. I will include examples at the end of this little explanation. Firs
  11. If you want to add the plugin globally link it to your firefox plugins dir for 1.0 version it would be: ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_06/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/firefox-1.0/plugins
  12. I like it. For me not much has changed because I use the same fluxbox desktop. The one thing I did notice was adding my new optical wireless mouse was as simple as plugging it in. It works with no configuration interaction at all, even the scrollwheel.
  13. freshrpms.net has a link for it now. (http://apt.freshrpms.net)
  14. AuthName grep420.net AuthUserFile /home/grep420/www/htpasswd AuthGroupFile /dev/null AuthType Basic require valid-user This is an example of a .htaccess file. This will require a password from anyone trying to access the directory this file is located in via the web. When you create your own .htaccess file the AuthName section can be anything you want for the title. AuthUserFile needs to point to the file you are storing your user/password information. You can generate a user/password combination with the htpasswd command. AuthType Basic is probably what you want. The most importan
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