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  1. well, if undergroundinfection.net points to /usr/local/www/mysite using virtual vhosts, then you can make the directory /usr/local/www/mysite/uinmail and add this to httpd.conf <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName mail.undergroundinfection.net DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/mysite/uinmail </VirtualHost>
  2. This is interesting, the logo is cool, here's the final logo what does the linux-noob team think?
  3. From slashdot: Thought this is big so if anyone didn't know. The funny part is that the code was "so complex"
  4. as far as i know, afraid.org doesn't delegate free subdomains.. if you want to use your dns server, you have to assign your dns servers to be the primary servers for that host, if seeno.net points to, that doesn't mean that when anyone tries to find www.seeno.net it will query, hope you get my point if that's not the case and i got it wrong, try opening port 53 udp and tcp for incoming connections and see what happens, and if your box is behind a router/firewall (external) forward port 53 tcp/udp to the internal ip
  5. i tried surfing linux-noob like you do, now my icon obsession is solved.
  6. but that doesn't have anything to do with this problem
  7. ok, this is a new one, it seems that this forum (site look and feel, suggestions, problems, whatever..) is having it's own pattern, you posted a reply and the forum icon didn't "light", you know, it didn't have solid colors, but when i'm in that forum the topic is "lit" (solid colors). now this is only for the (site look and feel, suggestions, problems, whatever..) forum, on other forums here's what happens.. i type the url in my browser, look for new posts in the main index, click the forum that has a new post, look for the topic that has the new post, click it, read read read, click
  8. heh, win/firefox fedora/firefox freebsd/firefox.. all the same.
  9. no, i click the link to the forum index, and i'm using firefox. so you guys don't have that problem? EDIT: also, i keep the cookies for a long time, so i don't have to login again, might that be cause?
  10. well, for as long as i can remember when a new message is posted the "new post" forum icon appears (more color), well, when i read the new post(s) and go strait back to the index the forum icon still appears as there are new posts, i have to click on the specified forum and then go back to the index for it to disappear. (not so important, i agree, but i'm obsessed with details )
  11. X is probably not configured, in my fedora box i didn't need to configure it, but in my freebsd box /etc/X11/xorg.conf was missing.. just run Xorg -configure (that's if your running Xorg), it will create a file called xorg.conf.new or something like that. that configuration file is what Xorg thinks is the best, copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and tweak it as you like.
  12. seeno


    What would you say is the minimum of ram? before lagging? im running 256mb what you think? regards L150 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry i took so long to reply, didn't notice there were new posts. 256 MB of RAM is the recommended amount for the graphical fedora install the minimum amount for a graphical install is 192 MB, take a look at the fedora core 4 release notes. These numbers are taken from the release notes of the fedora core 4 distro.
  13. well, not exactly. but i see your point, the thing is users won't notice they left the site since the login form can be integrated in the site (so you have to visit the site if you want to login) and when they sign out it will redirect them to the originating site, and some other stuff.
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