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    I'm studying Nettworking, and my main intrest is as many may understand Computer. I just entered the world of linux, and I really enjoy the freedom I'm given with my Fedora. I also like to read, sing and be outdors in the forrests.
  1. This is me, at Gates of Metal last year. I just hope this isn't to big. It's rather late at night, and I'm not really, what do you say? Awake? Or maby rather alive. That's it. I really want to be mor active in here. So Yeah. I'll try that. ~Arrowena
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    Thank you. I am glad this place exists. Everyting is explained in a way that actually makes it understandable. It's nice to feel welcome too ~Arrowena
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    I am a 19 year old girl from Norway, and I've been running Fedora Core 5 on my desktop for about 4 weeks, before that I had Ubuntu, witch was my first meeting with Linux. I dear say, I'll never go back to where I was befor that, but to say somthing like that I need to know a litlebit more of my system and how to use it. I'm curently a student, and I'll start my second year of College now. Anyway, I'm here to learn about my own system, and Linux in general. I hope I'm at the right place. ~Arrowena
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