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  1. Hi there, Avoid running firestarter as an application and/or in the systray, as it is a resource intensive application. you can run fs as a service (service firestarter restart) so it's all run in the background. of course if this is what you are doing... then I don't know what the issue is... maybe a hardware issue? as for dmesg... cat /var/log/dmesg or type dmesg... it will show you all that cool stuff that linux (used to) show you when you boot up. da!!as
  2. I think we're on track with linux noob.. plenty of people to help, and we have good exposure now.. loads comming in from fedora redhat and linux-noob channels on efnet. 1. Maybe link up channels from across net's to point here... linux-noob aims to be the 1 stop shop for all your n00b requirements... if you are using linux and are new to it.. you must go here. So broad coverage of all help-oriented sites is a plus. 2. More howto's, especially in the X/desktop graphical department.. even if it's 'how do i put nuovola icons on?' and other redundant info.. Shit like this is the key to
  3. I voted galeon. I'm in kde but use galeon... ha I like the bookmarkletts and the icon size (1.3.14) is great. newer versions suck. on my work box, I have my homepage set to portal: and the address bar is BLANK which is unusual... but great because it's a royal pain to remove whatever is there without selecting it (and copying to the clipboard). I also have mozilla on this box, (rh9+kde-redhat.org) which is configured without a proxy for visiting sites that get screwed up with proxies (like webmin, and webdevelopment sites). also have firefox in ~/bin (eg a local install) with f
  4. Hi all, Just a note to cover a tricky issue some people might have.. I followed the above directions on my fc2, apache2 server and nothing happened.. So if you try this too and have a simmilar issue, try adding an AllowOverride AuthConfig section to your site... for example my virtualhost below: <VirtualHost> DocumentRoot "/var/www/foo" ServerName www.foo.com.au <Directory "/var/www/foo"> allow from all Options +Indexes AllowOverride AuthConfig </Directory> </VirtualHost> the .htaccess is located in the /var/www/foo direct
  5. Having your sshd die on you is scary.. so if you are working on remote boxen, always run a usermode sshd on port 4000 or something as a spare in case something goes wrong... or webmin or something.. Something that I do with my sshd_config... #Port 22 Protocol 2 #ListenAddress #ListenAddress :: change from Protocol 2,1 because having it has 2,1 doesn't necessarily mean 1 is a fallback method; ie sshd might just negotiate 1 first up which is just nasty. so make sure your box does not support telnet or ssh 1. I make it listen on a single ip address thats unused f
  6. Hey all.. since my broadband connection is limmited to 1gb a month (cries) I'll install fc3 as soon as somebody gives me the cd's... otherwise i have to go for a big drive to somebody else' place to get em. either way i'm interested in keeping up... when i started using fedora i didn't know we'd have to reinstall so often! lucky linux is so easy in this regard, tho compared to XP... well xp is getting better... I must say though, that in the last few months the XP (re)installs i have done are for new systems that have been compromised by [insert worm here]!!!! not upgrading to
  7. dallas

    pdf web publishing

    Hi all, Looking for anybody that has ideas on pdfs. We're looking for a linux solution that can create a single pdf download from a bunch of separate pdf files. This is so people can download this from a weblink and print and bind manuals etc etc. any help would be greatly appreciated da!!as
  8. dallas


    Hi there, I've recently installed fc2 on my home machine (2000+ w/512) and I had to edit my drive configuration. vi /etc/sysconfig/harddisks and uncomment the switches. This will greatly increase throughput to your drives. All the redhat9 boxes i have installed already had this stuff uncommented and were naturally fast. Not sure why fc2 has it remmed out... da!!as
  9. Hi all. Just had some fun and games with a mandrake 10 official installation on a new box. P4 HT 2.8 MSI 865 pe neo2 mobo (sata/pata) 3com parallel tasking 10/100 nic some rubbish ATI video card legend 333mhz ddr ram 80gb seagate ata100 drive After boot up, which took ages, the /var/log/messages was spewing out loads of repetetive garbage, as shown right down the bottom of this post Aug 6 07:59:19 new kernel: Disabling IRQ #18 Aug 6 07:59:20 new kernel: irq 18: nobody cared! Sometimes pointing the finger at APIC and USB but in fact this issue is directed at the
  10. dallas

    redhat 9 -> kde3.2

    Hi all... Just want to write down my experience in upgrading my redhat 9 machine into a pretty kde3.2 machine First of all my redhat 9 box is a standard rpm installation with no (significant) tarballs installed. It apt-gets it's rpms from freshrpms and the dag wieers collection. It's pretty much up2date. The kde3.2 rpms I used were from ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt/kde-redhat/9/RPMS.stable/ I am going to do this at home soon too, probably with the unstable ones.. just to push my luck redhat 9 needs a lot more rpms than is provided by kde-redhat.org. so off i went usin
  11. dallas


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