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  1. Okay I havn't played with it much recently BUT just a thgt would it have anything to do with "SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux)" new to FED3 isn't it?? anyone now how to play with the settings?
  2. Great Many thanks I'll try it
  3. Thanks guys Yeah has me beat runs fine exact same sys in wnidows BUT boot into Fed3 and NFG I used FireStarter Primarily as an easy way to enable Internet connection sharing because it was a part of the proggy Any other programes you might suggest for firewalling and/or connection sharing ? I know I've gotta read your IpTables sect. but I was looking for a "quick fix" Will have to learn to do things the right way even if it takes a little more effort "dmesg" ?? never hear of it >LOL< will have to try next time in FED
  4. SORRY Guys I realize I may have posted this in the wrong sect ? However my services running using lsmod are
  5. FIRESTARTER Okay Guys this is the Program that I'm using with Fedora Core 3 (on a Dual Pent 3 1GHz server -1Gb Ram) The Server has 2 Etho Cards and Eth0 is DSL Eth Modem! My network consists of 4 permanent Windows XP SP2 machines (and upto 30 Various operating Systems on the occasional LAN Parties) MY problem is That whislt Gaming (Soldier Of Fortune - II - Double Helix) on one of the Windows Machines the game will lag for a second or two every 15 seconds ??? This does not happen when the server (Dual BOOT) boots into Windows XP as the SERVER?? Any IDEAS?? is it th
  6. For the fun of it I downloaded and installed the latest "Linspire full 4.3.439" AND IT RUN's EVERYTHING!!!! straight outta the gate (hehe no pun............ If I aint got walls or fences >>> then I don't want WINDOWS or GATES ) I've got Asus A7N8X Deluxe Radeon 9800 pro Optical intellimouse DVDRW AND a Thrusmaster Tac-board (not actually detected by name but WORX) I downloaded and installed for FREE hehe DOOM, Quake II, Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004 Demo's and they all run AWESOME! My DSL is etho connected and workx fine Okay I'm still using Windows XP in th
  7. Oh and also errr BTW are those "gdesklet" modules transparent? Cos I'm certain you can make the kicker menu panel etc. transparent with FC2 Found this AND this THEY ARE NOT MINE
  8. DITTO This Linux noob wouldn't know where to start How about a "gdesklet" Thread and a nice little walk through << rolls eyes @ "little" hehe I reckon there must be a ton involved But hey PLEASE..... I reckon a gdesklet thread would be GREAT BTW......amd Gao??? isint that a mod to the amd CPU similar to cache bridging??
  9. Hmmmm does this give any clues as to why My nforce AGP is Not working with my Radeon 9800Pro ??
  10. Did you burn from an iso? CD or DVD? I downloaded the DVD iso no probs @ all? I also skipped the media check ( sorry I couldn't be bothered waiting ) I am guessing that the media check does actually complete? Maybe try skipping the check > just a thought from this n00b
  11. Okay I've re-installed Fedora Core 2 Now Sound is GREAT BUT how DO I share the nForce2 ethernet for internet connection through the 3com ethernet? (both on-board LAN / A7N8x Deluxe with SATA) I can't access My win_c or win_d drives on SATA (hde) and it won't boot to Windows Unless I change bios boot (grub won't do it?) This is strange to me because Mandrake 10 let me read my windows drives NO problem from root & also booted to the sata instal of XP pro No prob Has anyone had any luck of getting the Radeon 9800 Pro to work with this mainboard (again A7N8X)? I
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