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  1. Cant remember... Only rememebr the file name "Linuxexe.exe "
  2. Angel_Sky

    hi all

    thank you guys :>
  3. Angel_Sky

    hi all

    Hi everyone. This is angel. 20 years old, living in Singapore and studying in College School of Business. Nice to meet you all :>
  4. Hi. Last time, I use the file Linuxexe.exe file. And i remember i download it from http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/dload.html But then, i cant find the file anywhere. I try to click and download all files, and it apply not i really want. Usually, mplayer appear to be old type skin, but this one different, Its blue in colour =.= Well, this mplayer that i use last time can open up all files with subtitles. And the new mplayer that is in that web site dont have.. So... anyone can help me??? Well.. Now i watching this anime Thanks
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