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  1. I want to backup my hard disk to another hard disk, how can I do it..? I know we can make it using dd command, but I don't know how the syntax is. I want to copy all the thing from my harddisk to another hard disk. And if possible, including all the setting? Anybody can help me.. thank you...
  2. yum list installed | more and rpm -qa | more seems working for my fedora. Thank You.
  3. Can somebody help me, how to find out the packages that been install to my computer(Linux). Is there any command to do that..?
  4. Thank you for your reply magikman.. Settle with that one, but I have another problem in roaming user profile.. I try to do something like, when I logon to other computer using my username and password, the nickname(eg.Munyitś Account) that displayed on start menu is the same like the one when I logon to my computer. Means, roaming my nickname(eg. Munyitś Account).. I can move my profile from one computer to another computer when logon using my username and password, but this one I dont know how to do it.. my smb.conf [global] ....... logon home = \\%L\%U\profiles logon path=\\%L\profiles\%U .... [profiles] comment=user profile path=/etc/samba/profiles writable=yes browsable=no read only=no create mask = 0600 directory mask = 0700 Can you give me some clue on how to do it...? thanks... I
  5. I install samba 3.0.23 in fedora core 4, I've finish configuring samba, I can access the samba server from any computer(windows xp pro) in my network, The problem is, i cannot access my shared folder. This is my smb.conf file [shared] comment = shared document path = /shared valid users = lerry browsable = yes I already create lerry account in my linux mechine using these command [root@Testing ~]# useradd lerry [root@Testing ~]# passwd lerry New UNIX password:(lerry) Retype new UNIX password:(lerry) passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully. [root@Testing ~]# smbpasswd lerry New SMB password:(lerry) Retype new SMB password:(lerry) [root@Testing ~]# Then I try to access shared folder and it ask for username and password, I entered username:lerry password:lerry but still cannot access the file,
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