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  1. OK, I downloaded the .iso and have burned the image to a cd (thank you) Before I try to move forward, will doing this ruin any of the present settings? I know it is important to get control of this box, but it is on a live system that a lot of people depend on. - - - also... in order to change the root passage, will a prompt come up to allow me to enter the code: chroot mnt/sysimage ??? I am a total noob, and have become exhausted over the past month in trying to find someone who has linux experience. Can anyone give me more information about what I should expect whe
  2. I work at a school that has the following setup Cable Modem with ethernet going into Dell Computer running Fedora Core Release 1 from which one ethernet goes to a machine running windows server 2003 and another ethernet cable goes to a different machine running windows server 2003 These two servers are the domain controllers for the Teachers and Students servers The servers have completely different IP addresses (one is 192.168.xxx.xxx and the other is 172.27.27.xxx) This system has been running for a few years with no one taking care of it. The last IT person who knew how to u
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