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    Wine and Watts

    This is more of a technical note I guess. For the past 9 moths, I've been monitoring how much wattage my computer has used. I have logged average, min and max. Allways on the same system. When it comes to wine, it used to (when I started the logging) make sure the computer needed a lot of power. It used to need about 350W (peaked on 381W) when I ran games and other heavy applications. These days, when I run the same applications, it averages out on about 180W, a lot less than what it used to be. I'm glad to see the progress wine has done.
  2. As we have read, there is now a weakness in the random number generator used by OpenSSL. I suggest users of any Debian and Debian based system read here.
  3. A little late, but finally some notes: I have now upgraded a few computers from 7.10 to 8.04. Most of them get some bugs after the upgrade, and they are very similar to the ones people experienced when they upgraded fro 7.04 to 7.10. Hopefully I'll get to test fresh installs soon. Bugs so far: - Takes ages to unpack files. - Updata manager locks up Other small notes: - the "Screens and Graphics" button is moved to Applications - Other (Other can be found if you right click Applications - Edit Menus)
  4. Varjagy

    Ubuntu Guides

    Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design And Developing
  5. Done a bit of surfing, and I found something that explains the problems. Read more about it here.
  6. Varjagy

    Ubuntu Guides

    Looks like a good place to start
  7. I have tested this a little further, and read around, and I have a little update. On a little older systems, 3years and older, something weird happens. My system got a slow boot, both after fresh install and upgrade. It became a bit slow, and small bugs all over. I did never figure out what this was, but filed bug reports, so it might be fixed. I am now back on 7.04, and the computer I test on is running very well.
  8. Varjagy


    This is meant as at ip for people installing ubuntu on a computer with the Intel BG 2200 WLAN card. Before you install Ubuntu on the computer, make sure that this WLAN is Enabeled in BiOS (Dafault should be ON, not off). This will save you a lot of work later on. After this do the following to save yourself a little work: sudo gedit /etc/modules Insert this line: fsam7400 save and close. Your card should work every time after this.
  9. Varjagy

    Ubuntu 7.10

    Ubuntu 7.10 released. I have tried it on a few computers so far. Read about that here.
  10. Ubuntu 7.10 was released yesterday. I have tried it on a couple of computers, and here is what I have found out so far: - I updated from 7.04 to 7.10, and I got a lot of bugs. My home made launchers do not work any more, slow response, non working internet, and many more things. I have read more about this, and this is quite common. - I installed a fresh install on one computer, and the computer is running well. - I Installed a fresh install on a computer. It runs ok, until I start using Firefox. Then the computer will hang, and I have to reboot it using my power button. My tips: I
  11. Varjagy

    Ubuntu News

    - Follow up on the Full Circle magazines. Good reading. - Ubuntu Dell Now In UK, France, and Germany - Weekly News: Issue #48 covers: * Gutsy Tribe 3 expected this week * Gobuntu, free-flavored version launched * Willing to buy a free-software-only laptop? * Launchpad unleashes a Storm * Interview of the Week with Jerome Gotangco * In The Press and In the Blogosphere * Team of the week: Scribes Team * New weekly Translation stats! * Bug Stats - Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #49 covers: * Canonical To Launch First Official Training Courses
  12. I run utorrent, no problems what so ever.
  13. So here it is, my little laptop: * Running DeLi Linux * Processor: Pentium 120MHz * Memory: 16MB * HD: 1,3GB * Ethernet: Billionton 10Base-T I hope this helps other people out there, wanting to kick start some good oldie
  14. Here I come with a *bump*, so.. *BUMP* I decided I wanted to give this a second try, and so I did. First thing I did was to google some more, and I actually found out that there were some people who managed to run DSL on laptops that are slightly better than mine. What was common for them was that they all used DSL 0,7-0,8. So I downloaded 0,7 and installed it, and I got it up and running. It ran OK, unless I tried to push it a little, the X got a little moody and closed fluxbox. (I had read about this during my googeling). At this point, I understood that I at least should be abl
  15. Only applies if you use the following: - imagemagick - openoffice.org
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