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  1. Very nice work so far. Well, as a "long time" Ubuntu user, I do recognize a few things I struggled with myself. Whenever there is something that doesn't work out of the box, first place to go is The Ubuntu Wiki. It has plenty of solutions for many things. As Anyweb, I also bumped into the codec problems. Knowing that the Wiki is there, searched for Codecs, and click the RestrictedCodecs one. This page has loads of info for most media formats, and how to install them, including how to play media files in firefox. Some things on the Wiki is not 100% updated for Feisty Fawn yet, so a little tinkering is sometimes needed. If thw Wiki doesn't have an answer for you, it is possible to use the Ubuntu Formus. As this was actually a good source before, it is not anymore. I don't like this, but the fact is that the "Ubuntu hype" going on now has ruined the forums. This has happened because so many people just post new post about problems, over and over again, without looking for a already answered post. The VNCviewer axis-problem is a common problem. To fix it you simply open synaptic, then you remove vnc-common and install vnc4-common. In short, replace vnc-common with vnc4-common. This should take care of the axis problem. My impression of Ubuntu is that it is quite an OK Linux-Distro to start on for a beginner. The tinkering is fairly easy (as long as you know about the Wiki and forums), since the tinkering is not that bad. It's only one CD, that contains what you need to get it up and running (usuallu), but after that, you got to install backages. As I have learned new things, and gotten better at understanding Linux, I have found Ubuntu to be a little (I am not sure how to write this) hard or rigid, it's easy on the surface but has a hard core so to say. Because of this, I do not think experienced Linux users will like Ubuntu as much as other Distros. This has lead to, in my opinion, that Ubuntu is fine for a beginner. If the user will want more, they will move along to something else, if they are happy and content they will stick to it. It's going to be interesting to see if what conclusion Anyweb will have after 30 days of Ubuntu. I plan to read this every day :=
  2. I have done the updates today, and everything works fine , no new kernel problems. First of all, Fiesty Fawn was officially released today. It has a lot of upgrades, that will make it easier for more people to use it. I have not gotten to test a lot of things yet, but it will be done. It does not look like the Metacity startup-problem has been fixed.
  3. Have you figured this one out yet?
  4. I decided I wanted to test Feisty this easter, even though it's a Beta. A quick "update-manager -d" in terminal, and a button click later, I was on my way from 6.10-7.04 (Edgy-Feisty) Things were OK until Friday the 13th, when It was time for a Kernel Upgrade. I quickly figured out that something was not right with the new kernel (2.6.20-14), since it wouldn't boot. The boot splash would come up, but grind to a halt early on. Shortly after I would get the following: BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-2ubuntu3) Built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off (initramfs) As I was looking into this problem, I found out that this was a common problem. To get around this, I booted with an older Kernel (2.6.20-13), and things worked almost as before, so I started looking into this too. A little reading went by, and these following "problems" are common. The first thing I discovered was that windows were missing the _, the square and the X up in the right corner. This is caused by the fact that metacity is not starting automatically any more. I solved this, for the time being, by adding it under Sessions, and now it works fine. Windows don't end up on top of my panels. As far as I have understood, this problem pops up for users that automatically saves the session. Another little problem I had was that DVD movies wouldn't play anymore. This was also an easy little fix, simply reinstall libdvdcss2. For some reason libdvdcss2 had been deactivated during the upgrade the 13th. As for now, this is all I have, but I'll keep on testing things. I will come back with a little more info on the Kernel problems when things indicate that this problem is solved.
  5. Ok, I now have a running OS on this thing. Something is just weird with this laptop, so I couldn't manage to get Slackware to install. I ended up with NetBSD, and it looks to be running just fine. Thanks for the help, especially znx for explaining some thing to me on the chat.
  6. Nope, this failed, as it told me it would. Any tips, should I try a Slackware floppy boot?
  7. Ok, I started this, and I got an "error". I'll type it here: [!!] Low memory Insufficient memory to to install This system does not have enough memory to be installed with this version of the Debian installer. At least 22 megabytes of memory are required. If you continue with the installation, unpredictable and broke behavior will likely result. You should reboot now and add memory, or find some other way to install Debian. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice to get an honest message before install, and then having all kinds of weird things happen. Since I don't have any memory this old around, I'll try to push on, and see what happens.
  8. I'll start with Debian then, floppy install of all things
  9. I have this old laptop, and I want to get it running using Linux. Where should I start, what distro should I try? I have tried these, just because I have them on discs: Mandriva, Ubuntu (the low mem version) and DSL. Would Slack be a way to go?
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