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  1. Micah

    xkill in terminal

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but wouldn't the "sleep" command restart the computer itself?
  2. Micah

    xkill in terminal

    Thanks, anyweb. I'll keep bothering you if more problems appear ;) Worked great, thank you! Althought, it requires me to login. I can still live with that. *Bows* I'll still appreciate it if anyone knows a command I can run to load the bottom start-bar, without having to log in again, very much like you can use "run explorer" in the "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" window (Already forgot what that window is called ) to "reload" the windows graphical interface.
  3. Micah

    xkill in terminal

    Hey, I've used KDE for about three days and already tried experimenting to get used to it, as i've been a hopeless Windows user for my entire life... Shocking, I know Now, anyway, my Firefox browser (like there is any other) crashed and I couldn't figure out how to kill it, so I used the "xkill" command, which worked great! However... I had Firefox minimized and thus clicked on the bottom "start-bar line" to remove it. Suddenly I was sitting there with only icons on my desktop and no startline! Firefox still running... well, sort of... ^^, I got it back by restarting, but is there a w
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