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    And I have to say once again thanks to you znx, your howto is awesome and giving an example of a solid use for sudo (rather than always opening a terminal and su'ing almost immediately) is a greta kick in the pants to set up and configure sudo which was on my todo list but never made it to the top. The Conky config you've provided is a nifty addition to the Beryl/XGL environment I have going and if I can get the kinks worked out it'll make my transition from Windows to Linux as my desktop OS a lot more rewarding right off the bat.
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    Noticed a couple more issues now that I'm attempting to actually implement this, you call your file gentoo-progress in the topic but in the comments of the file its called emerge-progress and apparently in the code it is as well since I got an error until I changed the name. Actually ran into that issue on another file, all of them prefer to be called emerge-* rather than gentoo-*. Like enigma I had to emerge genlop in order for the script to be entirely happy as well. Also, in order for the script to work you DO have to be a member of the portage group, otherwise genlop complains about permis
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    Any reason you couldn't use tail in your emerge status script rather than parsing the whole file? Might make it a bit easier on the resources so this could be used on lower end machines. I definitely plan on trying this once I get my machine up and happy.
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