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  1. Unbelievable, yesterday I was at least able to download packages using apt-get, but today i can connect to ayo.freshrpms.net!! What is this all about, if the problem was consistent at least I may be able to understand it a little more!! Any help would be much appreciated, I am tearing my hair out!! Ta.
  2. it says waiting for (eg www.linux-noob) and after a while says "this document contains no data". i can ping the addresses just fine as well!!! Thanks
  3. I have posted this problem before, however I got no response. I have a windows XP laptop hooked to AOL broadband via a USB Modem. That connection is fine, and I have networked the machine to my Fedora Core 1 machine. The network seems to be fine and files can be shared etc. The problem is that i can only access certain websites such as google, hotmail and others. I cannot access this website from my linux machine among many others, and cannot download the nVidia kernel update thing as described in the Guide on this website, so I have many problems leading back to this one. Pl
  4. Hi, me again!!! i have been usiong fedora for a couple of days now, all is good, except for some reason when i log out it takes a REALLY long time to get back to the login screen. Does anyone know why this is?? it seems as soon as you fix one problem another one comes along!!! Thanks yet again in advance.
  5. nameserver nameserver search localdomain
  6. I have accessed my windows xp internet connection thru fedora by networking the machines. all went fine but for some reason i can only access certain websites!! google, hotmail, msn are fine, most others i tried wont connect and just stays saying waiting for ****.com i also cant use apt-get update, it stays on 0%. My head hurts!!!
  7. okay this is complicated. I have a laptop with windows xp, aol broadband and a usb adsl modem. i have a pc with fedora core 1. both have network cards. can i use my windows internet connection through linux when connected to aol?? thanks to all who may help!!!
  8. Thanks anyweb as always your a great help. I want the apt-get package but as yet have not managed to connect to the ionternet using my BT Voyager 100 and AOL Broadband account, so at the moment its not going to happen. I have a laptop with windows XP and an internet connection. If i network these machines will I have access to the internet that way?? If so would you know how to go about doing this?? Thanks yet again in advance!!
  9. Can someone guide me through how to do this simply please?? I am runnung fedora core 1 with Gnome. Thanks again. This is all very new and quite difficult from a windows boffin like myself. And i thought I knew about computers!! Ha!
  10. i decided to always log in as root, this way i can continue to learn linux from the top level. is this is a bad idea?? as i different login i was unable to do certian things suvh as move files and create links and such things. I want to be the god of my system, and the only way i can see of doing that is by being the root.
  11. How do you add an application, or at least a link to the gnome menu. when i try and do this it says something like "error adding *** to menu. Unsupported operation" Help anyone??
  12. i have xmms working now!! mp3 is playing fine, now my problem is with video, after painstakingly installing xine, (so difficult), it plays vdeo, sometimes crashes and always crashes when you attempt full screen. I have nvidia gForce 440 MX and linux has picked it up so dont think thats the problem. is this simple to fix, or alternatively what is another video player (.avi etc) that is preferrably easier to install. Thanks again man.
  13. i want another login name for myself (ie my name) and still have full root access. is this possible?? Thanks
  14. How do I grant myelf full access to the system without actually logging in as root??
  15. Hey, i have this evening installed fedora core 1. i have attempted to install mp3 support to no avail. when trying to load an mp3, the system crashes and the only activity is that the scroll lock and caps lock lights keep flashing. what is this about?? thanks in advance. i will keep trying even though it is beating me at the moment.
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