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    Vhost on irc

    Done. What`s next ? Ps: sorry for the delay .. i got bussy with other work .. and forghet to tell the ISP to reverse the IP.
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    Vhost on irc

    well .. be more exact .. i know a lot of people from my ISP .. and if there is something that needs to be done , at there end .. i think i can ask someone to do it .. so ... step by step pls :|
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    Vhost on irc

    Okey .. so .. i`ve done a lot of things on linux .. and i know what i`m intrested about .. but now i have something else that i`m intrested .. and i really can`t find any solid documentation how to do it .. so .. i have my own linux machine with slack 10.2 ( static ip ofcourse ) & my own domain . The domain`s nameserver is on my linux machine so everything is okay so far. Besides everything else that i run on the slack , i have a psybnc. I want to set up a vhost ( on my domain ) .. so when I connect to a irc network , the name of the domain is shown , not the ip. I've read about Reverse DNS , but i really can`t get it ... So ... by any change .. can somebody explain to me .. step by step .. what i have to do ? Thanks very much & waiting for an answer.
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