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    i have fedora but i want to go back to xp, but when i put in the windows boot disk it won't load , im thinking because of the format, but how do i reformat my hardrive then, when i can't use the windows disk
  2. i had xp installed first
  3. i have xp pro and fedora on the same hard drive but when i boot up my computer it goes straight to xp with no errors like i never installed linux
  4. jooman360

    dual boot

    they are on the same drive there are no errors it just boots windows like i never put linux on my machine
  5. jooman360

    dual boot

    it just goes straight to windows like i never installed linux
  6. jooman360

    dual boot

    i just got the latest version of fedora , i had xp installed and then installed fedora , and i installed the grub loader , but it boots to windows every time. can any one explain to me how to get the grub loader to work. my mother board i pretty new so it should work with the bios
  7. ok i have a 100 gig drive which i install and am running windows xp pro to which is the master a drive i keep all my back ups the slave drive and i have a 20gig i want to install suse is there a program that lets me choose the operating system from separate unpartitioned drives
  8. jooman360

    suse question

    From what I understand, it's not possible to run 64-bit (x86-64) software on a 32-bit (x86) computer. However, it is possible the other way round, although you shouldn't notice a significant performance different between running the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on a 64-bit machine. Does this answer your question? yes i think so thanks alot
  9. jooman360

    suse question

    does suse 64 bit run slow on a non 64 bit machine cuz my friend got it and said it was slow but i think he used a crappy computer and not the one he uses
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