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  1. hey dudes! I got this old laptop from a friend of mine. it;s a p3 500mhz with only 86mb's of ram. Would it be possible to run a linux with graphical interface on it? Reason I am asking is cause I actually don't want to put windows 98 on that machine....even though it would let me run some programs and old games which xp and up won't run....
  2. I was thinking about VLC player. I heard you can stream with that also.... But i'll check shoutcast out I also heard some stuff about something called IceCast or something. Gonna check that out 2.
  3. I want to stream stuff from that pc to the internet from the soundcard input. It will be like this: HAM RADIO RECEIVER ==> PC_Line-In ==> Linux with streaming software ==> internet Internet==> PC (for example @ work) ==> Speakers so I can listen to my ham radio receiver at work.
  4. I have an old pentium 2 mobo and stuff just sitting in a box doing nothing so I want to try something with this? I was wondering if it was possible to put a NIC into it, a soundcard and some software into it to make it an audio streaming server. What I mainly wanna do is connect it to the speaker out of my HAM-Radio box to make it stream my qso's and qso's that I receive on it. I was gonna try this, but if anyone can help me out a little with this, please do.
  5. Uhm....like I said " it works " all I had to do was goto HARDWARE DRIVERS in the SYSTEM ==> ADMINISTRATION menu, activate the driver/software and reboot. So why you come up with the stroy above.....beats me!
  6. I am using a HP Pavilion DV4205 and distro Ubuntu 8.10 It works flawlessly!!!
  7. well dudes I just installed it and I can tell you this..... It's not native support, but when I statup the HARDWARE DRIVERS thing in ADMINISTRATION....I can just activate the driver and after areboot, my WiFi card works perfectly!
  8. Hey dudes! Is broadcom support native nowadays? I want to install linux again, but I want to know if broadcom is supported natively. Also my question is, is the Intel 915GM supported properly yet? So far I have tried several distro's but none of em support lower resolutions, which I need to play some windows games. (Vice City and The Sims mostly)
  9. Hey peepz I have an old celeron 433 with a Geforce 2 32 mb videocard with tv-out. I was wondering, since the regioncode didn't have to be changed..can I make that stuff a dvd-player? I mean one I can connect to a tv set. it would be nice. put a NIC in it for internet video and such. A region free dvd player for watching all-region dvd's. Would kaffeine run on redhat 7 on a cellie 433. it only has 64mb ram I have a barebone PSU so I can fit it in a small (custom build) case , which is cool.
  10. I just looked it up for you. The source for this quote is Http://www.distrowatch.com And if ya wanna see mandrake (mandriva as it is called today), click here: http://shots.linuxquestions.org/?linux_dis...07.1%20Beta%201
  11. finally....my screens
  12. Dutch-Lin


    See these: http://www.tuxmachines.org/gallery/pclos2007b2 and see the WEBSITE: http://www.pclinuxos.com
  13. well dudes....I got my WiFi card working under Ubuntu. The only thing now is, the machine I am using sucks!! Way too slow and only 64mb RAM. gonna see what can be done about that.
  14. Hey peepz! Why am I having a hard time on getting wireless to work, when I am trying out different distro's? The only distro I got it to work on so far is FC6. I tried Ubuntu...no luck. Tried Mepis.....same story Tried some live distros....(KANOTIX & KNOPPIX) NADA!!! What am I doing wrong here?
  15. Hey peepz! I just got this old Celeron 433Mhzmachine which has 64 mb of ram. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a Linux on there with a desktop enviroment (GNOME, XFCE, KDE, whatever!) I also want to to stream image+sound from a TV-Card over LAN. I heard I can use VLC Media player for that. What Linux Distro should I use on this old machine, which will run quite smooth and stable?
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