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  1. hey dudes! I got this old laptop from a friend of mine. it;s a p3 500mhz with only 86mb's of ram. Would it be possible to run a linux with graphical interface on it? Reason I am asking is cause I actually don't want to put windows 98 on that machine....even though it would let me run some programs and old games which xp and up won't run....
  2. I was thinking about VLC player. I heard you can stream with that also.... But i'll check shoutcast out I also heard some stuff about something called IceCast or something. Gonna check that out 2.
  3. I want to stream stuff from that pc to the internet from the soundcard input. It will be like this: HAM RADIO RECEIVER ==> PC_Line-In ==> Linux with streaming software ==> internet Internet==> PC (for example @ work) ==> Speakers so I can listen to my ham radio receiver at work.
  4. I have an old pentium 2 mobo and stuff just sitting in a box doing nothing so I want to try something with this? I was wondering if it was possible to put a NIC into it, a soundcard and some software into it to make it an audio streaming server. What I mainly wanna do is connect it to the speaker out of my HAM-Radio box to make it stream my qso's and qso's that I receive on it. I was gonna try this, but if anyone can help me out a little with this, please do.
  5. Uhm....like I said " it works " all I had to do was goto HARDWARE DRIVERS in the SYSTEM ==> ADMINISTRATION menu, activate the driver/software and reboot. So why you come up with the stroy above.....beats me!
  6. I am using a HP Pavilion DV4205 and distro Ubuntu 8.10 It works flawlessly!!!
  7. well dudes I just installed it and I can tell you this..... It's not native support, but when I statup the HARDWARE DRIVERS thing in ADMINISTRATION....I can just activate the driver and after areboot, my WiFi card works perfectly!
  8. Hey dudes! Is broadcom support native nowadays? I want to install linux again, but I want to know if broadcom is supported natively. Also my question is, is the Intel 915GM supported properly yet? So far I have tried several distro's but none of em support lower resolutions, which I need to play some windows games. (Vice City and The Sims mostly)
  9. Hey peepz I have an old celeron 433 with a Geforce 2 32 mb videocard with tv-out. I was wondering, since the regioncode didn't have to be changed..can I make that stuff a dvd-player? I mean one I can connect to a tv set. it would be nice. put a NIC in it for internet video and such. A region free dvd player for watching all-region dvd's. Would kaffeine run on redhat 7 on a cellie 433. it only has 64mb ram I have a barebone PSU so I can fit it in a small (custom build) case , which is cool.
  10. I just looked it up for you. The source for this quote is Http://www.distrowatch.com And if ya wanna see mandrake (mandriva as it is called today), click here: http://shots.linuxquestions.org/?linux_dis...07.1%20Beta%201
  11. finally....my screens
  12. Dutch-Lin


    See these: http://www.tuxmachines.org/gallery/pclos2007b2 and see the WEBSITE: http://www.pclinuxos.com
  13. well dudes....I got my WiFi card working under Ubuntu. The only thing now is, the machine I am using sucks!! Way too slow and only 64mb RAM. gonna see what can be done about that.
  14. Hey peepz! Why am I having a hard time on getting wireless to work, when I am trying out different distro's? The only distro I got it to work on so far is FC6. I tried Ubuntu...no luck. Tried Mepis.....same story Tried some live distros....(KANOTIX & KNOPPIX) NADA!!! What am I doing wrong here?
  15. Hey peepz! I just got this old Celeron 433Mhzmachine which has 64 mb of ram. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a Linux on there with a desktop enviroment (GNOME, XFCE, KDE, whatever!) I also want to to stream image+sound from a TV-Card over LAN. I heard I can use VLC Media player for that. What Linux Distro should I use on this old machine, which will run quite smooth and stable?
  16. ok so now for the hard work....how can I get the SYMLINK to be permanent. Can anyone tell me howto do that? I found something on Google, but that wasn't working for me.
  17. Hey dudes! How do I create a SYMLINK to my dvd-player so I can use OGLE to play my dvd movies in Xubuntu? I just installed "Okle" and it says "Media/CDROM0 is a DVD but not a SYMLINK" so it will not play.
  18. Hey peepz! Is it possible to boot linux from an external HD, even if the PC I'm using doesn't support booting from USB devices? If so, how is it done?
  19. thanx dude! now I can play around with it Well....got it working, now it can't find the damned plugins! {EDIT} Well I found an RPM, but it has the same problem.....NO PLUGINS and I can't configure it with the plugins that are there....it simply says there are none.
  20. Hey dudes! I am using FC6 for like a month or so and still I find it hard to install stuff when they come in ".tar.bz2" or such formats. Take my latest find for an example, "mupen64-0.5.tar.bz2". It's allready binaries so I don't have to compile it (like I have to do with a source.....which I really don't understand ) In mepis this should be easy....you just unpack and click the Mupen64 file. But since I run FC6, I have to install it.....and that's where I get stuck. I still don't know howto do that. Could you guys help me out here? I wanna play some N64 (Zelda, Perfect Dark,
  21. well....no luck so far. How do I know which thing is my NTFS partition?
  22. Let me check up on that tomorrow when I'm at work.
  23. Well...how do I get to that filesystem?
  24. Hey fellow linux users! Since monday I installed Xubuntu in a DUALBOOT configuration at work. Now I need Xubuntu to get NTFS support, and it would be great if it automounted at boot-up. Could you guys help me out here? Gimme a step by step and such.
  25. Hey fellow linux users!! Since a week I have my laptop fully running Fedora Core 6. Fedora Core 6 comes with the "Sound Juice CD-Ripper" which I couldn't get to rip to MP3. Since I have a PSP and I would love to rip my cd's to MP3....this is how I do it now: Tools I use are: - K3b (yeah the burning software) you can get it by going into SU mode in the terminal and typing: yum -y install k3b yum -y search k3b mp3 After that's done, download and install this: ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/carroll.cac.ps...0-1mdk.i586.rpm After that is installed FEDORA CORE 6 will tell your th
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