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  1. I'm trying to setup a radius server for some wireless clients, I want to use certificates for authentication. So I need to create a root certificate but I can't find the CA.pl script on Fedora 8. Does anyone know if it's called something else or if I have to download it because I've been looking for it for some time and I can't find it. I used the Fedora 8 live CD for my install if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. So I think I figured out what was causing my lack of network problem...NetowrkManager. I'm not sure how it was preventing connections right after a reboot but I turned it off and reboot and I can still connect. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Alright lets see if I can answer all your questions. Fist off the server is currently run in run level 5 because it's at my girlfriends house and the motherboard on there pc is shot so there also using my computer for everyday tasks,for now. Also, I'm not 100 % comfortable in console, though I spend most of my time in there anyway. Next, the fact that only run level 5 was the only one with networking on is because I activated it through the services gui and didn't bother changing the other run levels. So now 234 & 5 all have network service running but still no good. I rebooted the co
  4. I've been doing a little research into this and it seems that the network connection isn't comming up on boot even though it shows the step in the start up script (Fedora 8). First tryed to connect to the server while I ran wireshark and the server didn't respond to any of the arp request. Then I ran a few ping sweeps to see what was on the network and it didn't show up. So it seems that when I log in locally on the computer it finishes Establishing a connection allowing me to remote into it after. What I can't figure out now is why it still isn't connecting properly after a reboot. I o
  5. Sorry. From what I understand permissive just logs whats going, doesn't stop it. So i'm going to say that it probably isn't selinux. I'll disable it anyway to see if it'll change anything and get back to you.
  6. I just check it and it's been in permissive mode since I installed. I thought that, that was what was the problem.
  7. I'm trying to setup a Fedora 8 pc to run as a headless server (5 clients max) more of a project than anything. Problem is, when I reboot the computer it wont let me ssh or xdmcp into the pc until I physically goto the computer and login locally once, then everything works fine. Really quite confused here. Ports open of note are: tcp 22, tcp/udp 177,16001, 6000-6015, 35091. I guess my question is whats preventing me from connecting? Is there a default refuse all connections on boot and to bypass it I have to log in to load up my own configuration?
  8. I notice (after I re-installed fc6) that Gnome relay's on a couple of packages from kde or at lease what It seems to me anyway.
  9. Thanks for that i'll have to try that next time I try to install ubuntu. Apparently my dvd drive just didn't like that disc, it would just freeze the computer alltogether.
  10. K so I have a computer running win server 03, dhcp capable of bootp and tftp (for my networking class), I just want to know how to do a net install of Ubuntu or fc6 or whatever so that it will use a local copy of he OS rather then downloading from the internet. I have a feeling it has to do with the netboot.cfg file. If theres a tut or a topic on this a link would be greatly appreciated. As always I appreciate all the help and look forward to the time I can help others.
  11. do you everything there is to know about linux anyweb? your always the first to answer and ur aways right. Can't thank you enough
  12. alright so I finally came to a conclusion...i'm going to use gnome exclusively here's the problem, when I uninstalled kde, rebooted my machine, and logged in I got the msg asking me if I wanted to make gnome.desktop my default. sooo I says sure, and it loads up the ugly non-functional basic desktop that you get from installing x. can I just re-yum gnome or is there going to be some accrobatics I'm going to have to go threw in order to get gnome back?
  13. Thanks thats gonna make my life easier, still gonna get conky working on my fedora box.
  14. Thanks for the info ! I just installed it and tried it out work, works right off the repos, but it's going to need alot of configuring (thats part of the fun). Also I looked at some of the screenshots you included with your comments and I really like that first wallpaper, can I ask where you go it?
  15. I'm impressed with the quite reply. I'll post again once I get it working. Thank you
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