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  1. lia

    I dont have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

  2. lia

    Which would you prefer?

    And I should add, what software do you have that take the AVCHD format?
  3. lia

    Game Consoles

    If you were a noob at stuff like this (hint: not as professional as you guys and not only into car games etc) then which console would you chose and why? I am very aware about the statistics and what's more popular, but it would be nice with some opinions/insight on other models.
  4. Ofcourse Knew you'd like it I've changed the above one a bit, and I like it a lot ! reminds me of beer, and beer and linux go well
  5. linux-noob: the place where you learn, just like we did. linux-noob: Probably the best noob forum in the world linux-noob: when you want to go from learning to helping linux-noob: where all the ot babes are
  6. http://funnyordie.com/v1/view_video.php?vi...24c7d2583be6925
  7. The name is pidgin (odd) but the website is pigdin? Or was that a typo? Tha name says nothing to me at all... Does it mean anything? more info > http://www.pidgin.im/index.php?id=177 via osnews.com if you ask me the name is a bit daft, ok If they had to change it how about changing it to something that people would understand like 'ossmess' or something...
  8. lia

    Which would you prefer?

    Which Sony models do you guys have?
  9. lia

    The Divorce

    LOL I read this one before and it's always funny. Never underestimate a woman
  10. lia

    The man of my dreams..

    I present to you: The man of my Dreams By the age of 22: 1. Hansom 2. Charming 3. Rich 4. A good listener 5. Smart 6. Fit 7. Well Dressed 8. Healthy values 9. Brings happy surprises 10. A lover full of fantasies and romance The man of my Dreams, audited list (years: 32) 1. Looks good (preferrably hair on head) 2. Opens the door for me 3. Have enough money for a nice meal out 4. Listens more than he talks 5. Laughs at my jokes 6. Carries the groceries from the shop 7. Own at least one tie 8. Appreciates a good home cooked meal 9. remembers anniversaries 10. Romantic, at least one time a week The man of my Dreams, audited list (years: 42) 1. Not too ugly (bald headeded is ok) 2. Doesn't drive the car until I am in it 3. Works regularely - treat me once in a while in the restaurant 4. Nods in almost the right places when I speak 5. Often remembers the points in the stories he's telling 6. Is enough fit to be able to move furniture around 7. Uses shirts that cover the stomach 8. Doesn't buy champage wigth a screw cork 9. Remembers to put the toilet seat down 10. Shaves on most weekends The man of my Dreams, audited list (years: 52) 1. Trims his nose-and ear hair 2. Does not burp or scratch in public 3. Does not borrow money too often 4. Doesn't fall asleep when I am talking about interesting things 5. Doesn't tell the same story too often 6. Is enough fit to get out of the couch on the weekends 7. Uses matching socks and underwear that go together 8. Appreciates good food 9. Remembers my name when it's needed 10. Shaves, at least some weekends The man of my Dreams, audited list (years: 62) 1. Doesn't scare little children 2. Remembers where the toilet is 3. Is not too high maintenence 4. Snores quietly when sleeping 5. Often remembers why he is laughing 6. Enough fit to stand up 7. Often uses clothes 8. Likes easily chewed food 9. Remembers where he put his teeth 10. Remembers what a weekend is The man of my Dreams, audited list (years: 52) 1. Breathing 2. Uses the bathroom
  11. lia

    White trash?

  12. http://www.christiankarlsson.se/blogg/2007...d-the-irack.php And ofcourse Bush's comment on it: ------------- And if you saw CAS (Crazy Ass Scientolog) Tom Cruise jumping around in Operah's sofas, then you'll love this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5DggfIKUNI
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