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  1. I'm interested as well, can you elaborate magikman?
  2. Hi there! I'm a bit new to the linux age, been playing with it for a bit but still new. I hope some of yall could help me find some help or documentation on this subject. I will be attending college soon and they have their own "high speed internet access" in each dorm room provided by the campus. I know my way around windows and I know that in windows if you share a network connection, things can get nasty... put lightly. I'm not sure how they have it subnetted if it is per room or not, but I do not want to take any chances. I will have a notebook which will likely have windows installed (though I will try out FC, Suse, and the like first) and I want to make a linux firewall/router/virus/spyware scanner. It doesnt NEED to be a router, it can be a bridging firewall, but the router option is just something to play with (I could add dhcp and html servers... hehe). Is having a firewall with a virus/spyware scanner irrational or can it be done? I kinda want to make it an access point as well. Anybody have any suggestions? Maybe a new approach all together? Which distro to use? Oh couple more things I wanna squeeze into this post if its ok... 1.) What is the real difference in distrobutions on the CLI level? Is there one? Is the only thing that COULD be different the shells that they use? 2.) Is a bash shell in, say Ubuntu maybe, the same as it would be in perhaps Suse?
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