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  1. Mr Nobby Very Many thank hybrid for the info, worked 100% first time, cor thats a lot quicker than using the console. I did like the walk through Video again it rams it home evan more, listening and watching. etc. cheers for now Mr Nobby
  2. Thanks xDamox, for the info, basically I want to know how to use the Tar.gz.- bz files, as I am using SLED10 and am still a Newbie. Mr Nobby
  3. I downloaded Firefox2 and found it to be in a Tar.gz file, Now reading the forums and following the instructions I find it end up in a mess. There has to be a better way. Please does anybody know how to install Firefox2 using a Tar.gz file. once I've learned it I never forget it. Cheers Mr Nobby
  4. Mr Nobby, (Brian) Very Many Thanks its up and running, no more head aches. Mr Nobby
  5. Mr Nobby


    Many thanks for the welcome to the forum. I've tried a few Distos in the past but now I am into SUSE Sled 10 I have been updateing as many packets as I can through Guru and Packman. Mr Nobby
  6. Mr Nobby


    Guday Everybody, I am Brian from Nth London, and used to live in Australia. Looks like I have a lot to learn and read, Cheers to you all and all the Very Best For 2007 Mr Nobby
  7. Mr Nobby

    hi all!

    Guday I am Brian, I am from North London, used to live in Australia. Just joined tonight and hopefully will answer many questions Seems like I've got a lot to read up on. Cheers for now. Mr Nobby
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