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  1. my desktop machine is fedora core 1 my laptop is a mac running os x (freebsd) my gameserver is fedora core 1
  2. i get this occasionally when shutting down from X, kernel 2177 (iirc), latest nvidia driver. All the text goes corrupt, like vertical lines. It doesnt happen every time though malty
  3. do either show up if you do ifconfig -a ? malty.
  4. i run fedora core 1 on an amd athlon xp - desktop machine fedora core 1 on a p3 550MHz - main general purpose server debian on an xbox - ut2004 server ! Yellow Dog Linux on a macintosh - main laptop GPE on a compaq ipaq - for fun ! slackware live on a k6/2 400 laptop - cos its otherwise useless ! malty
  5. hi, I have been trying to install alsa as my sounds seemed delayed by a second or more with the default drivers. I did apt-get install alsa-driver and the relevant alsa-kernel module for my system. During alsaconf, the soundcard is detected but when it tries to bring it up, it says :- rcalsasound: command not found then eventually /usr/bin/alsactl: save_state:1061: No soundcards found... should rcalsasound have been installed somewhere along the line ? I cant find it in any search. thanks for any help malty
  6. worked for me on fedora core 1, nvidia geforce 4 4200, thanks malty
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