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  1. i tried using the terminal on the desktop, in su, didnt work.. i tried opening the term in the mozilla folder, didnt work, and a i tried opening the term in the eterm folder... didnt work.. im stuck!!!!!
  2. ok thanks, i will try this tomorrow after school, (its to late now, bed time) .. do i need to open my terminal ina special place to upgrade firefox, or install eterm? or just open aterm anywhere?
  3. hmm, ok so how do i actually install eterm, and plus.. i still dont get how ot install or upgrade my firefox, typing yum -y upgrade firefox came back with a command not found.... so i need ot know how to install eterm still,a nd upgrade firefox.. thanks for your time!
  4. haha again, welcome fellow n00b show!
  5. ok, well i went to the eterm website, and the eterm wont download.. its weird like its starts, but goes very very very slowly, it is only a 2.7 mb file.. but goes EXTREMELY SLOW, then stops and get s corrupt when i attempt top extract it.... my internet is working fine, and anything else is downloading fine, anywhere else i can download eterm? or something else better? P.S- can anyone tell me how to install firefox 2.0? i downloaded it, but i cnat seem to make it work over my 1.5.. if i go into the firefox files,a nd launch it form there it works.. but i dont no hwo to install it over my 1
  6. im using fluxbox, and when i change my wallpaper using qgview, after i log out, then log back on it is back to blank page, can anyone justify this, because im a little frustrated haha
  7. criticalstealth


    hey, i just installed zenwalk on an old computer that i have, and want to use this more often for personal use that my windows machine. I am using fluxbox, and want to learn as much as possible.. So hello everyone here.
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