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  1. Aye same here. Been a little while for me...sadly, still a noob though.
  2. Tried it, but it still doesn't work. I don't get any error messages or anything, it just doesn't play. The strange thing is that I cant scroll for some reason, its always on PCM. And Kaffeine always shows the sound as muted regardless of the state of the system speaker or alsamixer.
  3. It didn't work. I ended up downloading and installing Fox Desktop Professional (had Lite before) and trying the instructions again, Firefox 2 seems to be working fine now. I currently have both 1.5 and 2.0 installed (not sure why I want to keep em both) and they both work fine.
  4. Can someone please give the answer to this one? I have the same problem where my sound card is detected, but no sound is being played. Alsa is already unmuted on both channels, and the link to the 'solution' loads the page below. Thanks!
  5. Ok, heres the situation. Linux (meaning Fedora Core 5) is installed perfectly fine on my desktop (an old Dell Dimension) and it works fine but when I install it on my laptop (an HP Pavilion dv6110us) it has all sorts of problems. From vanishing mice, to just not booting at all. After looking around for a while, I saw where I could solve the mouse problem by booting to runlevel 3 and then starting the x server there, but this didn't address the problem of it freezing during bootup at times. I downloaded and installed FC6 but it had the same problems that FC5 had so eventually, after trying seve
  6. Tried it but it didn't work. I even tried using the console to make the firefox file an executable but that didnt work either. It keeps referring to it as a shell script. Any other ideas?
  7. Ok, so I downloaded firefox2.0 and now I can't install it. I'm a total n00b to the entire linux world so bear with me here. I was able to download and install the flash and java plugins for firefox 1.5 due to detailed installation instructions, but all I get from the firefox site with regards to installing 2.0 is: Yeah. As one can see, it doesn't exactly state how to go about it for us hopelessly new users. Any help would be appreciated. Next problem, didn't want to go create another topic while I still got this one, is that I can't get my sound to work. I get this error message e
  8. ZackaryNix52

    Hey all

    Yo! T'is a new n00b sending a shoutout to all the other n00bs on the board. New here and already feeling at home so...yeah. laters!!! :lol:
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