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  1. The computer is an Advent 7111 laptop, and the it operates on Windows Media Center, so there aren't really a lot of options, I tried assigning a letter to the partition through Partition Magic 8, but apparently I cannot do so, although I can explore it and copy stuff(I'm not sure about the copying part, I haven't tried it yet), but I want to burn this partition to a dvd and make it bootable, it is supposed to be able to restore my laptop to factory condition, although they do supply an utility specifically designed for this, that doesn't work either, it just says "No valid CD/DVD boot structure foud in I386". Any help, or redirection to somewhere I could get help is very appreciated.
  2. hey anyweb, i have the same problem too, but i want to copy the ghost file, do you have any idea on how to do that? thanks
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