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  1. as said before i have recently installed fedora core 6. but i cant the programs running that i want, the stuff i want to do i cannot, and there are several other things i cant. i mean im sure you can but it is the fact that I cant. so im going back to my old windows xp, im very dissapointed in my self, but its easier that way, and im a lazy a$$. ok so stuck in the windows xp disk to re-install windows... but it never runs installer im not sure as to why. it analyzes my hardware then the screen goes black and does nothing. so i dunno if its linux confusing it or what but how do I uninstall fedora or just remove it from my computer so i can attemp at running xp?
  2. foodpies

    ipod backup

    ok i got it working now thanks for the help though
  3. foodpies

    ipod backup

    i have recently switched to fedora core 6 linux from windows. before i did the install i backed up all my music & other files onto my ipod, as a external hardrive. now how do i get them off the ipod onto my harddrive so i can listen to them. and what program would you suggest for putting music/videos onto my ipod (5G) thank you
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