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  1. Ok I will use fedora as everything there seems to be what alot of people use to begin learning on!!!! I have a 64 bit proc do I want the 64 bit version or the 32 bit version as I hear about 64 bit not supporting alot of software available... it would be nice to actually get my money's worth out of my proc but my dreams of 64bit operating enviornment seem to keep getting dashed... I have a wmp54g wireles g pci 2.4 ghz network adapter that I cannot seem to get to work all i need is that and my switch to linux would be complete and I can actually begin to use a computer
  2. from an old gentoo system i have sucessfully compiled a stage 3 installation not from that live cd but before when it was all command line took me a week reading the install guide i learned alot about it and it seemed to like have me for a second i was so proud of myself the first time i made the hardisk grind i was like i made my computer run i had the power it was me not some os doing it for me it made me fall in love with linux does gentoo still have that nifty commandline install or is it all gui'ish i want the steep learning curve as that seems like the place to start note the computer ha
  3. I am using a wmp54g and wow dclient wlan0 is an unrecognised command I am a nood with linux and know none of the commands yet plus when shutting down it cannot unmount wlan0 as it doesnt exist lost after modprobing it jus dhcp is all i need
  4. this is where I can help yay idk if this is a linux only post but this is what I learned on so I know the oldest stuff best http://www.freedos.org/ if you are totally opensource enthusiast but for dos most of the tools are propritairy you can get multiple desktops and the such to do multitasking you can even integrate the linux kernel into it does the system have more than 8 megs of ram? if not it might be a bit daunting a task to do linux I dont know how but my friend does and he talks alot about it linux can run even at 2 megs of ram and a 12 mhz proc like a p4 3 ghz runs windows xp it is an
  5. And if you dont have a Windows 2k cd boot off the fedora CD's and delete all partitions make one big fat 32 partition write it and just before the install starts turn off the computer turn it back at the POST(Power On Self Test) screen where it scan's all of your hardware where you have the option of entering bios hit the Pause Break key just above Page Up to literally pause your computer like a video game pretty neet actually... eject the fedora cd and put in the windows xp cd to unpause just hit anykey except the pause one (as it unpauses then repauses exactally one millisecond later) then X
  6. Thank you very much! ICK I have tried like 10 different distro's: 1. Fedora but for noobs to linux I wanna get my hands dirty compile my own kernel 2. Gentoo offers me total configuration over everything but i dont like the packaging system 3. Ubuntu doesnt work on my system 4. Mandriva ICK EW 5. Linspire A distro wich has made leaps and bounds in it's CNR 6. PC Linux OS 7. Slackware (My favorite) BC it was my first I seem to keep going back to it as it seems like the most pure Linux wich is what I want so I might stick with it. The first person who told me about Linux said either
  7. No this isnt a problem with the kernel... I as well made the huge mistake of going with ati and not nvidia... ATI cant write a driver to save their lives. The open source driver will work whereas the fglrx one doesnt if you have need of the new kernel you can use the open source with no direct 3d support... Really gay if you ask me. I get asked all of the time why can't ATI write a nice universal driver or open the darned source so someone with knowledge can... I might go trade my ati card to the local computer shoppe for a downgraded nvidia card as I am sick of the driver issues with ATI...
  8. Hi I am not the normal windows user... I love the cotnrol I can have with my computer and am not bothered by the command prompt and really have little interest in an interface as I think it should come later. I loved dos as it gave me sheer power with the right programs and gave me more functionality than xp does today... I still use it for things, like to wiew this webpage and post this I am using a dos based web browser called arachne... and am listening to music with another program running in the background called jet audio... it is all 64 bit as well with an athalon 3200+ 64 with 2.0 gig
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