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  1. When i first start up the machine, i am able to view video using vlc player but after sometime when i open up a video file using vlc, no video is displayed, only sound. i have installed the codecs using easy life package but to no use. what could be going wrong? I am using onboard graphics.
  2. I am unable to setup ushare to work with xbox 360. I have been following the steps in the link below as well watching some videos on youtube. http://stevejenkins.com/blog/2011/02...ox-360-or-ps3/ But still when i start up the xbox, i cannot see the server name listed under videos. I have named the server Media Server. After following all steps and running the command ushare -x, it comes with found 199 files and subdirectories but still nothing on the xbox. even tried stopping and starting ushare service on linux machine. what am i missing out.
  3. I am trying to change folder permission and i wondering if i am doing it right. The first thing i do is updatedb followed by cd /var/lib/php/session I then want to change permissions to this session folder. I type in chmod + rwx \session or chmod 777 \session could anyone correct me?
  4. I am trying to setup centos 4.5 on one of my hard drives. I burned the image file to a DVD disc. So during setup, it asks what type of media contains the packages to be installed? I select the local cd rom option. Next screen is that centos-4 i386 cd was not found in any of your CD rom drives. I tried looking for solutions online but to no help. can anyone help here?
  5. I also forgot to mention that when i start up the system, it detects the eth0 cable and status is Ok. Now after logging in, i access the network configration and it says that connection is activated. Now even after this i am unable to access the internet. The data light on the webstar modem does not flash. do i need a new one. Last night i could not access the internet but in the morning, when i went back to the pc, a connection was present. After shutting down and restarting, connection not present. ???????
  6. I am facing some problems with the modem. The ethernet controller details are Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI E xpress Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01). The connection is very unstable when running on fedora. It is a webstar modem and has been used since past 6 years and so has the ethernet cable. But on windows i do not have any problems with an unstable connection. Could anyone tell me how to fix this problem so that the connection stays stable? Do i need a new modem and ethernet or usb cable? Any suggestions which modems are linux pl
  7. I am planning to purchase a license for win4lin sometime soon. do the windows applications work better on win4lin compared to that of wine? Mainly for dreamweaver cs3 and a few other applications. I have another question regarding this. I usually work with dreamweaver, mysql and coldfusion on windows. Dreamweaver has inbuilt coldfusion server behaviors. So if on working with dreamweaver, do i need to install windows version for coldfusion and mysql server again using win4lin or will it work by installing coldfusion and mysql on the linux system?
  8. I have tried the above but still no luck. i have no problem in accessing the internet on the desktop. On the laptop, i have tried everrything but initially this was not the case. the ethernet details is as below. Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI E xpress Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01)
  9. could anyone tell me how to get internet on startup when loading fc7? I am using cable internet provided by virgin in the UK. I have fc7 installed on my laptop as well as desktop. on desktop i am also running windows. The problem is when starting up fc7, it is a struggle to get connected to the internet on the desktop and impossible for any network connection on the laptop. However this was not a problem when i had first installed fc7 and used it for a few months on both systems. Things went smoothly. However i stopped using the laptop for a few months and began to continue use
  10. i am using on board sound. i am getting the feeling now that there is something buggy. I did get sound to work a while back but on adjusting volume controls in alsamixer, the sound does not seem to work after this. anyone know why?
  11. none of the channels seem to be muted. i am still struugling to get sound. i am using vlc player. when i open volume control and go to edit-preferences, it brings up a new window called volume control preferences. Here it says select tracks to be visible some of which are headphone, pcm, front, surround etc. I have selected each one as suggested and then click on the close button. I then click the switches tab in the volume control: HAD intel(alsa mixer) and check and uncheck the options some of which are cd capture, line in capture etc. But i still do not get any sound. The strange thing is
  12. i have vista and mandriva installed on my pc. i want to know if its possible to switch systems without having to restart and selecting boot device each time.
  13. I have installed mandriva 2007 just to see what it is like compared to fedora core. however everything works fine except i am getting no sound. below is the sound card information that is displayed on the mandriva linux control centre. how do i get sound? Identification Vendor: ‎Intel Corporation Description: ‎82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller Media class: ‎Audio device Connection Bus: ‎PCI Bus PCI #: ‎0 PCI device #: ‎27 PCI function #: ‎0 Vendor ID: ‎0x8086 Device ID: ‎0x27d8 Sub vendor ID: ‎0x1043 Sub device ID: ‎0x817f
  14. I can only guess that the placement of the license doesn't match where navicat expects it to be, do this so we can see what that RPM installed. # rpm -qpl Navicat_Linux_std_EN_license-6.0-3.i586.rpm That will output a list of the files and where they have gone. Hopefully it has installed in some direct path and we can simply move the navicat stuff into the same place (or the other way, move the license into the navicat dir). I did the above check. it shows navicat is installed in directory /opt/navicat/start-navicat without the trial restriction but also it had been extracte
  15. just tried this. please help! [abhishek77@x1-6-00-c0-9f-40-e0-ad ~]$ wine /media/Macromedia 8/Dreamweaver8-en.exe wine client error:28: version mismatch 276/299. Your wineserver binary was not upgraded correctly, or you have an older one somewhere in your PATH. Or maybe the wrong wineserver is still running? [abhishek77@x1-6-00-c0-9f-40-e0-ad ~]$ wine /system:/media/hdc/Dreamweaver8-en.exe wine client error:2e: version mismatch 276/299. Your wineserver binary was not upgraded correctly, or you have an older one somewhere in your PATH. Or maybe the wrong wineserver is still running
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